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Batgirl #4 - SPOILER Review

Batgirl #4 

What's going down in Batgirl town? 

Where we last left off last Babs was searching for her friend Kai and has encountered some students of the mysterious Teacher. Exasperated she warns that if anything has happened to her friend she would come after them! With that threat one of the students dressed as a construction worker swings a hammer at Babs but she easily easily blocks it with her staff. They start fighting each other and the the Teacher’s flunky tries telling Babs that they didn’t have a choice, that their lives depended on one test and the Teacher has given them a second chance. That’s when the school girl shows up. Continue his sob story she tells that Babs that she could never beat them because the Teacher is their last chance so they don’t have anything to lose. With her cool Batman style Babs disappears into a cloud of smoke.

The reader finally gets a glimpse of Kai in Shanghai, he’s with a woman with both her arms tatted up. She knocks him out and seems to inject him with something.

Babs is now at an international airport trying to get a flight to Shanghai. She calls her friend Frankie, who to me looks a lot like the new oracle. Babs tells Frankie of the situation, and asks her to help track down what the formula Kai was transporting was. Hacking her way into the biotech company Frankie finds out that the formula was an experimental intelligence drug but it was not approved for human consumption because even though it did boost brain power, the side effects were dreadful. Babs puts two and two together… the students of the Teacher were trying to get the drug to pass that entrance exam that determined their entire life. That’s why they were so desperate.

Later on Babs finally finds Kai in a Shanghai hospital. Kai unknowingly talking to Babs spills that the man he was just speaking to was Grandfather Blood, the head of the Gray gang. And that he was the buyer for the formula Kai has been carrying. But whoever caught him actually injected him with antibiotics, destroying the bio encrypted bacteria. Blood is furious and Kai’s boss is on the run. Babs warns kai to go home and put criminal behavior in his past and most of all leave Barbra Gordon behind. Babs new goal now is to find the Teacher. Using her tech skills, she’s able to track down where the Teacher meets her students. There she encounters the tattooed woman from before. Is this the Teacher? Babs knocks the vile out of her hands and freaks when she thinks that she’s killed the woman. But the woman opens her eyes to reveal glowing red ones then she smiles a terrifying smile.
Will Babs defeat the teacher? Will the formula make this woman unbeatable? Will Babs earn flyer milers for her trip around Asia? Find out in Batgirl #4 The Final Exam.

How'd the book look?

Throughout the series the art has been good. It’s always refreshing to see a powerful woman wearing an actual suit that could actually protect her. I thought some of the angles that her face was drawn led to some awkward panels where her nose looks to elongated.  But other than that I thought the art was solid. I really enjoy the diversity of having an Asian setting. The whole book has that Asian undertone and it adds character to the story.


What has me most excited about Rebirth is that characters I have never paid attention to come to light and it gets me excited to go back and read more about them. Barbara Gordon was always just Jim Gordon’s daughter to me who also helped out Batman sometimes. But after reading this series I want to learn more about her. The narrative tells a story of a strong woman who still has feminine qualities but can also kick ass. I really enjoy when they have her recall her memories so that she can better analyze them. I know Batgirl is one of my husband’s favorite characters and now I can see why. She’s awesome! There were some choppy moments where the transition from one scene to another didn’t flow well, whether it be the art or the story, but even with that it’s an easily readable story line. I would categorize this as mystery genera because you are following the clues as she does and theorizing to yourself where the plot might go.  Any piece of literature that engages the reader like that is a story worth reading. I do hope as the story continues we get more character development on Bab’s part. I give this story my blessing, just a glass of preacher’s water away from holy.

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