Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Dr. Fate SPOILER Review

Doctor Fate # 17

What Happened?

   Khalid is at a protest with his friend Akila around the 9/11 memorial. Trying to get some space he heads closer to the pool, that’s when he notices there are lights coming out of the pool and they stench of…death. He grows more concerned as the lights touch down on people and appear to be burning them in a way. He puts on his mask and exclaims that he is Fate and he decides that his friend will not die. He reaches out and tries to stop the light above her head. Suddenly the light takes Khalid into an almost other dimension type place. He comes into a world of swirling lights and colors. He doesn’t know where he is being taken and as a man who has been to the afterlife and back he feels a stranger occurrence is taking place. He becomes disoriented and reaches his mind for a sense of reality. Then he encounters some bug creatures, but even with the helmets power of translation he is is not able to communicate with them. The bugs are weaving around him and he is floating among thousands of similar webs that were connected to Akila’s head. A moment of reflection causes him to wonder why he has become so convinced that he needs to find her thread, he is answered by his Dr. fate that it’s the thread to her life and he had seen it burning which could only mean death. He decides he will go to where all the threads end up. There he encounters a large caldron being watched over by a terrifying centipede looking creature. The creature greets him by telling him that he has longed wished to burn Fate’s own thread. Fate tries to escape but is captured by the creature as the creature tells him he has been looking for him for a long time, but the different incarnations have kept him hidden and he has longed for Thoth’s helmet. The creature begins burning his thread; desperate Khalid begs Nabu for help and eventually is set free to the creature’s dismay. Swimming through the swirls of patterns he is thrown into what looks like an empty field. He sees pyramids in the distance but to his confusion they are being built by what looks like alien ships. He flies over to Anubis  the Sphinx where he is told a riddle. Annoyed and wanting to go home he protest saying he has earned the right to an answer. Then out of no where he is captured in purple thread.
Will Khalid get free once more? Will he be able to save Akila? Will someone make sense form the riddle? Find out in the conclusion in Doctor Fate #18

How was the art?

The art was really amazing and … psychedelic honestly. The art was able to make you believe that he was swirling into some different world where reality and nightmares collided. By nightmare I mean the spider looking creatures who we find out are dream spinners.

Brass Tax!

I have never read a Dr. Fate comic before now and I will tell you I plan to go and find back issues to catch up and learn more about this character. It’s fascinating and such a new take on how someone has their powers.  I love how the narrative is written, it gives a real sense of magic and wisdom that has been bestowed on young Khalid. I can’t wait to find out more about this character and see what happens with the threads of life! I bestow on the book a blessing, may it's goodness bring hope to your lives. 

Ariel DuPey | Nerd Church Radio

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