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Hal Jordon and the Green Lanterns #7 SPOILER Review

Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps #7

What happened? 

We start off with an origin story reminder of how Hal Jordon became a Green Lantern. He reminisces of how he overcame fear by following his father’s footsteps of becoming a test pilot, even though that’s how his father died. In his dying breath, Abin Sur wills his ring to Hal in the sense that there was courage in young Hal Jordon. We then flash forward to Hal taking on Sinestro and the yellow Lanterns.

Further out in space, Jon Stewart is leading the surviving Green Lanterns into battle against Sinestro’s Yellow Lanterns. He gives a great pep talk on how they are out numbered but they have the will and power for only one Green Lantern to take down a hundred yellow ones. And, like a good soldier he tells his troops that he is proud to serve with every last one of them.

With their chest puffed out and their own colors shining bright Hal and Sinestro face off. Sinestro mocks with contempt that he has already taken control of universe with the power of fear, he’s really only still fighting because he wants Hal to be fed to his fear engine. When that happens he will have truly have won and his corps will “shine brighter than the Green Lanterns ever could” then they rush into battle. Hal isn’t looking too good but he continues fighting.

In the place where the fear engine resides we see Guy Gardner hooked up to the fear engine, but persistently repeating his Green Lantern mantra. Even as the light is being drained from him good old Guy makes a joke to Lyssa Drak (one of Sinestro’s followers). All of sudden all the captured Green Lanterns start shouting the mantra. Drak yells in anger that the fear engine is not working. Then bam! Sinestro’s kick ass daughter Soranick burst in and knocks Drak and one of her goonies heads together. She frees the lanterns who over power Sinestro’s followers.

Hal still isn’t looking like he’s doing so well in this fight. Sinestro is exclaiming his anger of his best friend Abin’s death and Hal’s replacement of him. He admitted that he saw why Hal was chosen but any camaraderie would be abandoned when Hal ousted him as a traitor (in Sinestro’s mind a hero) then Sinestro offers him a choice. Either join him or die.

But then Sinestro gets a reading that the fear light is going down surging Hal into motion. He begins smashing Sinestro down, but Sinestro stands his ground reminding Hal that he controls Parrlax. But Hal retorts saying he has enough will to fight him and then the most spectacular burning light emerges from Hal. From far away the other lanterns see a great explosion of green light. They also see an oncoming beam of yellow light and prepare to fight but it turns out it’s just Soranick and the yellow lanterns who have denounced Sinestro and Guy in in a safe little yellow bubble.

Is Hal Jordan dead? Will parallax be unleashed? Will Guy get some pants? Find out next time in Hal Jordon and The Green Lantern’s # 8 Bottled Light.

How'd the artist do? 

First, I will always admire the Green Lantern’s book for their art. The remarkable colors of yellows and greens with the calming space atmosphere in the background easily sets up for an enticing story. I love how the artist puts strength into their characters and it shines off the page. With the muscle tone and strong expressions, you truly believe that you are reading about soldiers of the universe.

But Ariel, what did you really think? 

I got turned on to Lantern’s after Blackest Night and I have to say there hasn’t been one story where I stopped being a fan. You would think it would get redundant, the whole green light vs bad yellow light, but instead I find myself excited to turn the page to find out what happens next. This story is even more interesting because at this point in the story Hal thinks the rest of the Lanterns are dead. So if he is still alive you know there is going to be a magnificent reuniting scene. Also we all know that bad guys always think they are in the right but in Sinestro’s case it’s so elaborated and powerful, how he continues to try and convince Hal and others of why his way is the right way. Green lantern’s may be the good guy and may have the will and power to overcome any obstacle. But Sinestro has a persistence and a drive that I don’t think will ever cease. I can’t wait for the next issue to see how the loose ends will slowly be tied up, fantastic job I give this story a salvation. With immaculate drawn characters and settings, and a captivating story line this story will deliver us into the light of awesomeness.

Ariel DuPey | Nerd Church Radio

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