Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Sixpack and Dogwelder: Hard-Travelin' Heroz #3 SPOILER REVIEW

Sixpack and Dogwelder: Hard-Travelin' Heroz #3 

The gang goes to Egypt

John Constantine has shown up and given a mission to Sixpack and his gang; to get Dogwelder to the tombs of the pharaohs. There, Dogwelder is suppose to discover his true mission. This issue starts of with Sixpack and John discussing how John is supposed to be helping Dogwelder. All questions are reverted by John that he’s not really training Dogwelder, more so pushing him in the right direction. Excited as ever to be doing real superhero stuff Sixpack turns his enthusiasm to Dogwelder, but wait where did Dogwelder go?? That’s when the Defenestrator tells Sixpack about a visitor Dogwelder had gotten a while back.

We jump to two kids playing in a pool when they are faced with Dogwelder, who exclaims “Daddy’s Home!” At this point you see two large scars on both the children’s’ faces. The kids scream in fear for their mother; who runs out to the pool with a large kitchen knife screaming for him to leave. Dogwelder protests, but the mother continues yelling that he has disfigured the kids and he needed to get the hell away. Dogwelder begs the woman that they were once a happy family and that they could be again. Probably doesn’t help his case that he talks through a dead dog. A large man approaches telling Dogwelder to leave. We soon find out that the man is Dogwelder’s ex-wife’s new husband.
We now see Sixpack and the gang flying over the suburbs to find their friend. They find him and try to sort out what’s going on but not before Sixpack gets a quick swig in. John rushes to the front of the house to deal with the approaching policeman. Dogwelder and his ex-wife continue to fight while the new husband idly stands by. The cops are not backing down and John has no choice but to threaten them with his laser…the Hellblazer. While John is maybe not so sufficiently dealing with the cops, Dogwelder finally sees that he is frightening the children. The gang jump aboard the Skylark and Dogwelder sadly joins them. John turns the Hellblazer to amnesia mood and shoots it as Dogwelder’s frightened family. Off to the pyramids they go. Once inside the pyramid they are faced with the dead. Mummies surround them and Sixpack and the gang must fight their way through. Will they make it through the killer mummies? Will Dogwelder find his true mission? Is John Constantine getting a headache from all the shenanigans? Find out next time in Sixpack and Dogwelder #4 Moaning of the Magician.

Magic of Art

The art was twisted and dark and I loved it! a group of truly grotesque individuals who are trying to be superheroes fill the pages with their oddity. All the while poor John Constantine tries to manage with just the perfect look of annoyance on his face. I loved all the expressions, even Dogwleder behind his mask was easily shown to be sad. The art honestly takes you into a world of misfits and drunks.

What a ride

Ennis is probably one of my all time favorites and yet again he takes me into a world of weirdness and it’s just fantastic! The art and the story was very reminiscent of The Pro which was just such a great read. This book is so disturbing and yet you’re captivated by these characters. Sixpack in all his drunkenness glory wanting so much to be a real hero kind of makes you like him. I have never heard of these guys before and I will definitely look back to see what I can find. I’d be most excited about seeing these characters interact with the Justice League since interacting with Constantine is hilarious and just spectacular! I give this a very high holy which in new testament terms would be four stars. A must read! 

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