Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Vigilante: Southland #1 SPOILER REVIEW

Vigilante: Southland #1 

 A New twist on a vigilante origin 

Starting off right away with some kickassing. The vigilante is facing a foe. Some setting jumps: first we are in South LA were some kids are playing basketball. Then we are on the campus of Del Pueblo University also in South LA, where a couple of girls are joining some kind of protest. Back at the basketball court a policeman asks the guys playing ball if everything is alright in which of course they reply yes officer. We then flash back and see Dorrie breaking into the school and looking through documents while one of the basketball players walks and gets some weed.

We then see Donny and Dorrie in their home arguing about how he is spending his time. The next day he is complaining to a friend about how Dorrie was nagging him the night before.

Somewhere else on campus we see Dorrie is riding her bike when she is hit by a car. The car in question looks at though he was targeting her. She is buried at Inglewood Park surrounded by tearful friends and family.

Again we jump to a man who is asked if the decease Dorrie had told Donnie anything about Spectros. The man replies that Donny is just a drugged up janitor now of days. We see the woman in black who has been asking the questions. They want to know if Dorrie confided in any one about the secret.

What looks like possibly a couple years later, Donny is talking to a man about Dorrie’s death. Donny looks in the closet and find Dorrie’s vigilante costume. Back out on the street Donny and the guy from before are harassing some guy trying to get more information about Dorrie’s death. The guy who they harass end up calling Spectro’s guys and telling them that someone is asking question.

The final scene is Donny walking to his apartment and then BAMMM an explosion happens. Is Donny dead? Will Dorrie’s murderer be caught? Will you get whiplash from how much this story jumps around? Find out in Vigilante Southlands #2 

Art telling a story 

The art was good, but trying to understand the timeline was really hard. In one panel Donny was young with longer hair and in the next one it was cut short and he looked older. There was no indication of time change so as a reader it was hard to understand what was going on. I will say the art felt very real in the sense that you felt you were in South La with real members of that society.

Two D's and a V

First of all, I’m dizzy from how much this story jumped around. The story is there… the material and plot seems solid but the way it’s told leaves you in a spin. They jump locations almost every page. They also jump from characters two or three times a page. You can sense the writer wants to give a sense of mystery but frankly it’s to the point where you can’t enjoy the story because you’re too busy trying to follow the plot line and timelines. From what I can tell Dorrie was the Vigilante but she died pretty fast so I guess Donny is taking the mantle up? How much time has passed since he was some druggie kid? I’m going to keep reading because the plot definitely made me curios. It seemed that too much information was trying to be given in twenty or so pages. I’m hoping it slows down so you can really appreciate the story and characters. This comic gets a purgatory, or two stars from me just because it was really hard to follow, again the material is there so hopefully Vigilante can climb its way up. 

Ariel DuPey | Nerd Church Radio

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