Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wonder Woman 75th anniversary special #1 SPOILER REVIEW

 Wonder Woman 75th anniversary special #1 


 A young girl at church is praying at the same time soldiers are surrounding said church. The people inside the church are panicked they need the messenger (a woman covered by a clock) to reach England. She tells the people to follow her outside where she is confronted by soldiers. One of the soldier teases her disrespectfully. The brave woman rips off her cloak revealing that she is Wonder Woman! The soldiers try to take her down fruitlessly. The church goers yell out in victory, “Viva La France,” June 7, 1944 London, England. Diana is on a train gleefully reading a newspaper about how the liberation of France has begun.
 This is the first of many short glimpses into what Wonder Woman has been in the last 75 years. A strong, beautiful, fierce, intelligent role model to men and women a like.  

This book not only features the character of Wonder Woman, but also the talented artist who have drawn her over the years. One of my favorites has to be by Michel Assarasakorn and Josh Reed. With a Disney vibe the carefully drawn lines and burst of colors draw you in to the beauty of Wonder Woman and highlights her strength in love. It is amazing to see how this character has grown and has been adaptive over the years. Out of all the Justice League members I would say she is the one that has seen the most change over time.

Each story captivated me as though I was reading a novel. Each artist able to capture the unbelievably strength and muscle tone while also keeping with the femininity of a beautiful girl. One of the funnier clips came from an Interview with Wonder Woman in The Daily Planet, written by Lois Lane. Bringing a sense of down, the earthiness the interview gives the reader a glimpse of how Wonder Woman feels about the world around her and her actions as a soldier.

This is a must read and a must own! Even if you don’t know who she is but have seen her around, this is a great way to get a sense of who the Trinity queen is. Each writer is able to show the reader her concerns and how her attitudes about life effect her decisions. She is always looking out for people, and with her good heart is sensible and loyal.

A character that makes little girls believe in the power in themselves and let women know that it’s okay to be strong, that you can still be beautiful as well can be life changing for some. Now to be very clear Wonder Woman is not just for the girls. She is an excellent soldier, a true friend, and a respected member of the Justice League. I would say anyone could get behind that. Viva La Wonder Woman!

Ariel DuPey | Nerd Church Radio

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