Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Action Comics Superman #967 SPOILER REVIEW

Action Comics Superman #967

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artists: Tyler Kirkham, Arif Prianto

Men of Steel part one Superman and Luther …who’s the better, well, Superman? The Earth is in its finals hours and Jessica and Simon looked defeated floating among the debris. The goblins fly down over a dead Cyborg and Flash. As we go further into the destruction we find all the league members dead and appear to be decomposing. These are days not yet to come but what the future holds if the Annihilator is not stopped. Two beings who have seen Earth’s imminent demise are watching the now quiet city. It will be their final mission; to save Earth.

Superman and a young Jon are going through some dense forest. Jon is asking his dad about all the past suits he’s worn, even the one with the underwear on the outside. In a very Clark Kent kind of way, he explains to his son that each suit reflected who he was in that point in life. When he was working in the shadows he wore black and when he came back to the light he donned a more classic look. They finally come upon what the have been searching for Geneticron, the missing building. But how did it get here? With precaution Superman heads inside.

At the Luthor building Lois and fake Clark find themselves both waiting for the man himself. Lois is there to interview Luthor while Clark is just there. Beginning the interview Lois asks why Luthor so badly wants to be called Superman. He says that Metropolis is always going to need a Superman, but this time it should be an actual man and not some outer space being. He continues boosting about himself, how he’s a self-made man and can create powerful weapons. To Lois's horror he can even conjure up a boom tube to disappear threats, meaning he has a motherbox! Suddenly the office is attacked and a hole is blown in the side of the building. Lois screams for Clark but instead gets fake Clark and wannabe Superman Luthor. Wasting no time Luthor declares war on whoever attacked him.

Back in the Amazon, Superman’s exploration of Geneticron is cut off by Lois’s call for help. He rushes back to the city to find an unknown being attacking Luthor. The unknown being, known to the reader, is one of the guys who saw Earth’s death and is trying to stop it. Coincidence that on their mission to save Earth, their first stop is to fight Luthor? I don’t think so! While the other being tries to keep the real Superman busy. We learn L’Call is the one attacking Luthor. He is the Godslayer and he has foreseen Luthor's future. He will inherit the thrown and in the process annihilate the world. With one last cry, that Luthor will take Darkseid’s place in destroying the world L’Call lifts his sword and gets ready to sentence Luthor to death.

The Confessional 

I’ve been a fan of Action Comic's Rebirth since issue one. The slow building story and different P.O.V issues just add to the drama and mystery of the over arching story. The threat of Luthor is always looming and now Supes has a fake Clark, a missing building, and two new creatures to worry about. As frustrating as it is to keep waiting for them to reveal who this new Clark is, I feel the wait will be worth the reveal. The art was good especially showing the menacing look of Lex Luthor. There’s been issues were Jon looks like a little emo girl, so it was refreshing to see him be a joyous ten-year-old boy in this issue. There are so many loose ends that I can’t wait to be tied together. I could also see a bad ass all the Supers cross over event coming in the future. And when I say I see that, what I mean is I really, really hope it happens.


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