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Aquaman #10

Redhead Rage 

Reverend Mother and the other seer-sisters are looking into the future of Mera and Aquaman’s marriage. But oh no, the beautiful picture of them fades to destruction and the death of Aquaman. Mera’s heartache, too excruciating to contain sets her off to command the deluge to sweep the world away. Coming out of the trance this sister’s mind travels back to the present. Mera and the other sisters look on with shock and bewilderment. The deluge as it turns out is a prophecy of the end of times. Not only would it wipe away the world above, the towers of Atlantis would also fall. In disbelief, Mera ask if they actually believe such wild accusations. Reverend Mother replies by telling Mera that’s why they wanted to test her worthiness of marrying the king. Mera contests telling the sisters that they are only discriminating against her because she is from Xebel. Reverend Mother assures her that is not the case. With that said they cannot sanction the marriage because in Aquaman’s foreseen death the queen’s grief would mean the end of the world.

Mera leaves in anger and disbelief. She would never allow that to happen. She knows Arthur will have her side and will not take these superstations to heart. As much as she wants to tell Arthur she knows he is already burdened with troubles of his own, and she does not wish to add more. Having an internal battle, she tries to decide what to do. She loves the king and cannot imagine her life without him. On the other hand, if he marries a woman that the Widowhood professed to be the queen of destruction, Arthur’s followers may revolt against him. He may lose everything he has been fighting for. Trying to find some clarity and solace Mera heads to the lighthouse. There she finds a letter from Joanna Stubbs. The letter begs of Arthur’s needed attention, that lives depend on it.

At the Oceanside Hotel in Boston Joanna is being watched. A man reports to his boss that nothing new has happened. The boss, a dark haired woman with a deadshot looking eye, informs the man that he needs to keep waiting patiently until Fisher King’s orders. Annoyed the man continues watching waiting for an Atlantean (he can kill) to show up. The man throws his food aside as he watches Mera approach the woman. Mera confronting the woman about the note takes a seat. Joanna reveals to Mera that she knows who set up Aquaman. The person who made the US ship sinking look like his fault…N.E.M.O. Remembering the seer’s words, “Heed the howls of the house of light, for there the name of the enemy is hid,” Mera begins complaining about the nonsensical babble she’s been hearing all day. Her sentence is cut off as she launches across the table to save Joanna from a fiery blast directed their way. The blast was from the man who has been watching them, who Joanna recognizes as one of N.E.M.O’s wetwork ops. Mera dives for the man only to be blasted in the stomach by his firey guns. Surprised, Mera feels the cut from the blast. Bad guy exclaims that its an explosive uranium-core that can slice even subhuman skin. Joanna decks the guy giving Mera time to surround him in waves of water. Unfortunately, the guy has a back up plan he throws a bomb out into the restaurant where hundreds of people are. Mera jumps and contains the blast, but letting the bad guy go to do it. Joanna runs to her thanking her for saving her life. She explains that she was the target and bait all because she knew about the organization. Mera begins to tell her that Aquaman will be very upset about this, but her sentence is cut off by Joanna. To Mera’s painful surprise she is told that there was a battle and that Aquaman was very hurt in it. Mera painfully looks away and remembers the taunting prediction: The King will fall, his Queen in her grief… Mera's worried face fills the final page. Will the prophecy come true? Will N.E.M.O’s attempt of destroying the Atlanteans succeed? Will Mera ever get a change of clothes for when she’s on dry land? Find out next issue, Aquaman #11 Condition Critical.

Blues of the ocean 

I very much enjoy the artwork in this book. Mera looks gorgeous with her flowing red hair. Facial expressions can be tricky sometimes, but the artist is always able to keep the femininity of her features but also giving her the expression of feistiness she often exerts. The blues and greens of the ocean swirl around on each page sprinkled with hints of ocean life such as coral do very well to play to the underwater setting. Subtle bubbles help the readers’ eyes gage the amount of movement each character is doing. Most people find it hard to find water dangerous, but Mera's eyes fogging up with blue as she encases the bad guy in water looks badass.

Who sells seashells down by the seashore

I am biased towards Aquaman. I believe he deserves more respect than he is given.  This story was only about Mera, but as his future Queen she exemplifies very similar characteristics as Aquaman does. She also feels obligated to help him with his duties. The fighting scenes were quick as this was more of a narrative based issue, but still showed the strength Mera has. I love the point in a story when the characters start to realize the plot the reader has been watching unfold. Mera finally learns of N.E.M.O and about Aquaman's battle that left him hurt.


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