Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Aquaman #11

Writer: Dan Abnett
Artists: Philippe Briones, Gabe Eltaeb 

A prelude to the Deluge, say that five times fast. Flashes of Aquaman getting his butt kicked by Shaggy Man are intermittent with a news reporter’s updates on the now seriously injured Aquaman. As we know our swell ocean friend isn’t looking too good in the public eye already. He’s been set up to look like he attacked a navy ship unprovoked, and has been accused of leading a rogue nation. But people of Amnesty Bay have his back and tell the reporters that Aquaman saved them from the hairy beast. The reports are cut short as the very angry Mera walks up to the hospital. She goes up to Arthur’s room and is disgruntled to find him in the shape he’s in. Banged up isn’t close to describing how the bruised and swollen Aquaman looks. She holds him tight as she dodges questions about how the widowhood judging went. Finally breaking down she tells the love of her life that she doesn’t think she should marry him, that the widowhood made that clear. Arthur easily brushing it aside assures his red headed queen that as long as they love each other, that’s all that matter. What a romantic. See this is why I love this guy.

 Motivated by the fact that he may get his hero title again Arthur attempts to get up. He believes Shaggy man was an intentional attempt to discredit Atlantis…he’s not wrong and now Mera knows exactly who he was sent by, N.E.M.O. She tells him all about how Lieutenant Jo Stubbs reached out to the King when she discovered what was going on, and how that discovery almost got Jo killed. Before they can speak any more the good ol’ Justice League walks through the door. At first, worried that they were there to arrest him, Arthur and Mera seem hesitant. But Supes and the gang assure him they were there as friends and they listen intently as Arthur tells them who is behind this whole mess.

Upset that their plan completely backfired on them Mantis and Black Jack try to decide what to do next. With the shield of their anonymity they plan to somehow declare war on the U.S from the Atlanteans. Back in Atlantis Jo sorrowfully tells Aquaman how her dad turned out to be apart of N.E.M.O and how he tried recruiting her. Once she found this out she tried to find Arthur to warn him. She was hesitant about turning in her father, but knowing she had no other choice to protect the very flimsy peace between above and below. Arthur wastes no time and with help from some F.B.I friends he begins to gather evidence of Atlantis’s innocence. Just when things are beginning to look up, the East coast are attacked by very ocean looking bad guy robots who are declaring they are the Deluge and are from Atlantis to tear down the U.S. Man, my fish guy really needs a break! 

The Confessional 

As we all know i'm biased towards Aquaman, but this is a great read. For many issues now the tension between Atlantis and the US have been building and an on coming catastrophe has been imminent. With the appearance of the Justice League one begins to question if a cross over event is coming or if Aquaman is going to face N.E.M.O alone? Now if you remember, the Widowhood had predicted the Deluge. But in their prediction the Deluge came after Arthur's death. Also, this isn't really the Deluge, just some bad guys posing as the Deluge. Hopefully you're not lost, but i'm hoping there's a neat and tidy clean up to these intertwining stories. I'm in favor of the more realistic looking art and this book gives me just that. There's pops of color, and playful back splashes, but the features on the characters give them a more realistic look. I will continues waiting excitedly for the conclusion.


Ariel DuPey | Nerd Church Radio 

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