Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Batman Annual #1 SPOILER REVIEW

Writers: Tom King, Scott Snyder, Ray Fawkes, Paul Dini, Steve Orlando, Scott Wilson
Artistis: David Finch, Gabe Eltaeb, Declan Shalvey, Jordie Bellarie, Neal Adams, Riley Rossmo, Ivan Plascencia, Bilquis Evely, Mat Lopes
Price: 4.99

Batman Holidays and more…

When asked who your favorite comic book character is; I have no doubt Batman at least passes your mind. An iconic hero since 1939, Batman has been a household name for decades. With Christmas around the corner Batman Annual gives its reader a little holiday cheer. Don’t worry your pretty little head, our broody detective still faces the vices of Gotham City.
Not only are we graced with The Dark Knight’s usual night dances with evil, we also get a glimpse into the man under the mask. There are six short stories all written and drawn but tremoundously talented peole. I however am going to point out my top two, believe you want to go experience this book for yourself! It is that awesome!
Beautifully written by Tom King and penciled by David Finch we see Bruce open up just a tad. A cruel gag by the Joker himself leaves us with a ferocious beast. Alfred who by far is one of the best static characters ever created, takes the beast in and tame it back into a normal dog. Eventually the dog works its way into Bruce’s heart and finds a home among the bat family. I loved this story because it showed a vulnerable side to the stoic Batman. Bruce tells Alfred to give up on the dog, that the pooch would never recover from the cruelty done to it. Much like how he treats Bruce, Alfred was patient, and kind, and stood by the canine until it was healed physically and emotionally. The reader even gets a treat of seeing the never show emotion Bruce Wayne use baby talk. Usually we are overwhelmed with horrors and gloom as we read the famous detectives comics. This one left me with a big smile on my face. For that I thank you Tom King.

Going along with the softer side of Batman we see Miss. Quinn trying to spread Christmas cheer in her own twisted way. Bats has no choice but to stop her since what she is doing is technically a crime, but he also embraces the good she was trying to accomplish. Even though she might be going to jail, Harley can’t but bring in some holiday craziness by singing some good old fashion Christmas carols. Even he can’t help but break down and sing a line from one of the many Christmas songs she delivers. Her antics were unorthodox but came from a somewhat good place, Batman decides to not take her to jail, but instead takes her to her friends on Coney Island. What a softy.

The Confessional

The reason I only pulled two because I didn’t want to spoil too much about this book. I got such a joy out of reading it that I feel everyone should get that chance. These two really stood out to me because it’s the first time in a while I’ve seen the more human side of Bruce. His alter ego is always at war with its own demons and the evils around him; sometimes we can forget that there is still a man underneath. Yes, a man with deep rooted issues and improper grieving techniques, but a man none the less. It’s nice to see the more relaxed side of him. The last think I’ll say is that there is a pretty big reveal during this comic about what is coming up in the next year for Batman. You’ll have to read to find out!

High Holy: ★★★★★★★★★✩

Ariel DuPey | Nerd Church Radio

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