Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Blue Beetle #3

Writers: Keith Giffen, Scott Kolins
Artists: Scott Kolins, Romulo Fajardo

Jaime is taken by the scarab to a living nightmare. He is surrounded by these green bug monsters. They start ripping off his armor, which no one has been able to do before. Horde is what these bad boys call themselves. Freaking out, Jaime throws a ball of light and power out and blast the bugs back. One of the bugs tries grabbing Jaime from behind (no not like that), sending Jaime’s suit into self defense mode. An evil looking ship with searing pink lights arises, and Jaime screams that it wasn’t him it was the damn scarab. Just as the bugs start to rise again from defeat Jaime’s eyes turn pink and his body suddenly ascend into the magenta light. As if the air is sucking into itself, Jaime is transported back onto his street. Confused and a little bewildered Jaime flies into the sky.

Over at a construction site, Jaime finds his friend and confides in him about his crazy night. Jaime asks his friend, who by the way has been running test on the suit, how this could possibly have happened. Exasperated Jaime exclaims that he just wants to be free…but that’s not an option for him. Jaime has been warned that what he didn’t know could kill him.” The warning is from the notorious Dr. Fate someone who Jaime does not want interested in him. The scarab as Dr. Fate warned will eventually posses Jaime. This of course freaks him out and he wants it off of him now. Jaime decides to get condolence from his father about his lack of control of the scarab. He’s getting a bunch of test done from Ms. Magnus, but Jaime is still concerned what will happen if it’s true, that he is loosing control.

At the El Paso international airport a huge green suited man is walking through customs, but other people see him just as a man. A little boy bumps into him and ends up bleeding out on the floor. S going to go ahead and assume this is another antagonist coming our way.

The Confessional

The inciting incident was well put together and got the readers’ attention right away. The whole issue revolves around what happened in the first couple pages. I feel that this laid a solid framework for the rest of the story. Jaime is worried as hell about what just happened and he’s finding guidance or comfort from almost everyone he knows. It shows a vulnerable side to the usually quirky kid. Showing character develop; which to me is one of the most important aspects of any good story telling. The art was a little immature but it’s a high school kid so it fit the story really well. This was a slower issue but was still able to capture my attention and makes me curious about what is going to happen next.


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