Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Cave Carson #2

Writer: Gerad Way, Jon Rivera
Artist: Michael Oeming

Cave Carson explores a cave to search for a Magma Troll. He runs into a spider ball robot type thing, who asks Carson if King P’Thrall has sent him. Just as Carson is admiring the little piece of technology it freaking jumps up and starts tugging on Carson’s eye! Did not see that coming.
Carson with one eye beat red, walks back to his office. He starts a diagnostic to see EBX’s role in Muldrog. But he is interrupted by two agents informing Carson that he has to come with him. Carson who now lets the reader know that the thing tried to eat him but failed and gave him a last minute warning about EBX. He relays this questioning information to Paul Borsten. Borsten brushes off the question and tells Carson that his wife Princess Mazra Tolten P’Thrall’s people are in danger. Borsten asks Carson why he tried keeping it a secret. Which Carson replies by telling him that Mazir wanted a clean slate for her and for Chloe. Doesn’t look like that’s going to happen since Borsten wants Chole now.
Back at the dorms we see Chole and a young man heading to her room. She’s confronted by two masked guys asking for her. The friend, Daniel, quickly thinking, lies and says that he is Ms. Carson. Maybe not the quickest thinking… He is then shot with some kind of dart. Back at the office Carson tells Borsten that his daughter is off limits, a little too late for that huh? Borsten takes out an evil looking yellow tube, and for some reason that’s the last straw for Carson who throws his glass at Borsten causing a big explosion. “I quit” are his last words as he walks away from Borsten’s body on the ground.
At the dorm the two baddies annoyed that the guy tried lying to them tells Ms. Carson to come with them. She then promptly begins to kick their ass, and gets away. At a warehouse we jump to some pimp looking guy telling a hockey masked dude to get his gun away form the pimp’s son. All of a sudden Carson shows up and helps Wild Dog (hockey mask) to defeat the bad guys. Carson tells Wild Dog that his daughter is in danger and he needs his help. Off to the rescue the guys go. Which is good because Chole is in a car chase and it’s not looking good. Until Carson and Wild Dog show up and starts blasting everyone. Just when you think they’re winning one of the chasers drinks some green liquid turning him into a green dragon looking monster. Hopefully the Carsons can get away next time in Cave Carson #3.

The Confessional

The art had that cartoon network vibe, but was still able to construct a story by itself. I liked this book. All these vertigo titles have really been something I start looking forward too. Carson looks like a legit badass and his daughter acts like one. This is a family I can get behind. The story flowed nicely even with my not understand some of the fantasy references. I’d say give this a chance I can already tell that there are characters I’m really going to love and a story line that will keep me coming back.


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