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Cyborg #4

Back to the lab again 

We start with Cyborg battling the Justice League. If you remember he’s in a dream like state, but to him it is all very real. He wonders how the members who can’t breathe in space are able to not wear a mask on mars. This thought makes Cyborg realize that this isn’t real that he is in a nightmare. Worried that he isn’t able to escape this dream hell, Cyborg devises away to get the League off of him. He does this by bringing their worst enemy Apokolips to them to fight. He tries to push down the guilt and remind him self that his friends aren't really there, that they are imaginary. A woman’s voice is heard in the distance. She calls to Cyborg telling him that she knows the way out. Cyborg runs into a maze that the voice led him to. He tries to put the familiar voice to a face. Cyborg realizes that the maze is necessary because it was part of the reason he went to sleep in the first place: to recover lost memories. This maze represents that part of his mind. In the maze Cyborg runs into the Justice League, frustrated he wonders why in his own dream he’d create such an obstacle. Then the realization hits him that he wouldn’t do that he must have been infected from the outside. Cyborg had fought a creature who he thought was named Malware, he must have entered a code into Cyborg causing the nightmare.. Once this is known the League takes their true form as hideous monsters called Wyrmms.

Back in reality the scientists (Sarah and Marrow),  are trying to contain an out of control Cyborg. Throwing ideas back and forth on how to calm Cyborg’s security protocols enough to fix the malware he’s been infected with. In a room surrounded by television screens Cyborg’s father (Silas Stone) is trapped. He’s talking to the thing that had taken Dr. Stone’s physical appearance. He confronts the being, “So you were the one who sent the malware that infected my son” The being asks Dr. Stone why he doesn’t recognize him, since he was Dr. Stone’s first creation. Back at the lab they have finally created a shutdown program for Cyborg all they have to do is plug it in.  Marrow warns her not to get close to Cyborg, but Sarah is determined to save Cyborg’s life.

Cyborg is still fighting the creatures in his mind, but they retreat into the darkest part of his mind. Cyborg follows the creatures only to find a young Vic Stone before he was Cyborg with his mother. Pain tugs at his heart as he watches a time when his parents made him feel special oh so many years ago. Having no choice, he blasts his family with his arm. They were only the creature in disguise. Jumping a little further in his memories, Cyborg watches the lab explosion that would eventually cause cancer leading to his mother’s death, and change his father forever.  Tapping into a lost memory Cyborg sees the ex-girlfriend his father had erased from his mind. He raises his arm and blasts the mirage of memories, killing the creatures creating them. A voice comes to Cyborg, and he sees the cloaked figure that has been coasting him through the maze. The cloaked girl tells Cyborg that she was the love of his life and she’s faceless because he does not yet remember her. But that was the quest all along…to find lost memories. Agonizing pain sweeps over Cyborg, he is now for the first time feeling the full force of emotions. Emotions over his accident, his mother’s death, the loss of his love, bring Cyborg to his knees. With these revelations Cyborg is able to tap into his true self and find strength from it.

He finally wakes up from the nightmare just to find a terrified Sarah he almost killed. She walks away and Cyborg informs the others he was infected and that they must find the culprit. The fake Silas Stone comforts Cyborg keeping up with the façade. Cyborg goes to Sarah to apologize for the grief he put her through. She’s not upset at him, it was just so hard for her to see him almost be lost for good. Cyborg tells her about the woman that he loved so much and loved him in return. He tells Sarah that he couldn’t see her face (he thinks for her own protection) but the love he felt was so strong that it allowed him to go on. He leaves Sarah.  She begins to cry as she opens a photo album, an album full of Cyborg and her madly in love.

Better capture the moment 

 I thought the art was fine, a little cartoon networky, but that didn’t take anything from the story. I would’ve liked if it was a different style in the parts where Cyborg was dreaming just to further enhance the idea a place not in reality. The only real complaint I have is whenever a character was drawn sideways the bone structure was off and looked awkward. Cyborg’s a really cool character and I did like the artist’s interpretation of the mechanical construction of Cyborg.

Just lose this book

 Oh Cyborg, you mechanical teddy bear. I liked this book and have really enjoyed the story arch so far. Cyborg is definitely overshadowed by his fellow League members, but this series is doing well in making him a dynamic character. In today’s world our lives are surrounded and pretty much run by technology, so an antagonist that can use that the technology to mess with people’s lives is very intimidating.


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