Sunday, November 27, 2016

DC Rebirth Batgirl Series gets new artist starting 2016

The Batgirl series has been good so far. Not great, but good. I think part of the 'meh' state of mind that I'm left with after reading it is partially due to the art. The artwork has been good, but not enough to wow me by any means. When I first got into comic books, Batgirl was the first thing that I ever read. And this was the Batgirl series at what I believe to be it's best: the Gail Simone run. So whenever someone takes a particulary kiddish or playful art style and puts it with a character that I am very passionate about, I tend to enjoy it a little less.

That is not to say that Rafael Albuquerque is a bad artist, it's just not necessarily my bag. The artist that they're replacing her with, Christian Wildgoose, doesn't have a lot to show in his comic book portfolio (Gotham Academy - 2014), but I very am excited to see what he brings to the table for this series. There is a preview image attached to this article, and it's enough to excite me for future issues. It's not the artwork that Batgirl wants, but the artwork that she DESERVES! I will definitely be reviewing this book the moment it hits the shelves in January of 2016. Stay tuned, more info to come!

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