Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Deathstroke #6 SPOILER REVIEW

Deathstroke #6

Writers: Priest, Larry Hama
Artists: Carol Pagulayan, Jason Paz, Jeromy Cox

Wintergreen and Deathstoke are on a plane heading to try and extract Matthew. Deathstroke is then dropped into a war zone and starts taking out the surrounding threats. He breaks into the room where Matthew is guarded by two lions. Matthew cries out that he is Mathayo, the Liberator, and sicks his lions on the intruder. Finally recognizing Slade, Matthew calls off the lions that are using Slade as a chew toy and goes with him. After some fast and the furious death defying stunts Slade and Matthew finally get on the plane. They argue about the situation they're in, disagreeing on how to handle it. Then Slade walks to the back of the plane to a tied up man and simply says, “If you plan a hit on my kid – don’t miss.”

In an office building somewhere a lot safer Slade’s daughter, Rose is upset that she had believed her father actually cared about her. Instead she thinks he’s actually the one that wants to have her killed. Joseph, her brother, is upset at his sister fell for Slade’s promises, but still tries and comforts his sister. He then says what he thinks his sister wants to hear, they should kill Slade.
Yet again in a plane Slade and Billy Wintergreen are talking about what the hell they are doing. Slade is supposedly trying to find whoever put the contract out on Rose, but Billy argues that it was in fact Slade who put the contract out...father of the year right here. Apparently the contract was put out in some twisted reconnecting attempt for Slade to spend time with his daughter. He asked his buddy Billy to take it down, but Billy was kidnapped so the contract stayed up. In the back of the plane Matthew is questioning why this man tried killing a mercenary’s daughter. Turns out it’s out of personal hatred. Coming to the conclusion Matthew tells Luis (the tied up man) that he hates Deathstoke but loves Rose and that’s why it’s such a complicated situation for Luis.

Joseph calls an old friend Dave who floats down onto the roof top like a majestic butterfly, only to have his heart broken. Turns out these two were once lovers, but now Joseph has fallen in love with Etienne and is going to marry her. Furious, Dave tells Joe that he can’t let him do this. With that threat Joe does the only reasonable thing, he shoots lasers out of his eyes at Dave. With Dave on his knees (no not in that way) Joe tells him that he left him no choice that he was going to turn off his Ion Suit. With the power of the suit off Dave falls to his death on the street below.

 The Confessional 

One of the stand outs for me was the art. I love when the art can tell a story of its own, with striking backgrounds, easily read expressions, and smooth transitions. I am not a huge fan of when a story jumps around like it’s dancing to a House of Pain song. With that said this book is able to do all that jumping while still keeping the story in a smooth straight line, telling the reader a coherent narrative. The story itself is very appealing. A father trying to save his daughter…who he kind of put in danger in the first place. A man trying to hide his loves from one another. And a crazy guy who uses lions as guards. Not too shabby D.C. only knowing Deathstroke through Batman, this comic got me interested and wanting to know more about Deathstrokes story.


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