Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Deathstroke #7 SPOILER REVIEW

Deathstroke #7

Writer: Priest
Artists: Carlo Pagulayan, Jason Paz, Jeromy Cox

Miss. Adeline Kane is asking Superman that he needs to take down Deathstroke for his country. The pure of heart Superman tells Miss. Kane that he does not work for the government, but for the world. She threatens Superman (ballsy lady), that dozens of soldiers will die trying to take down Deathstroke so Superman needs to do and I quote “his effing job.”

Downtown, Joseph iis flying around saving the day in his super awesome new superhero suit. After saving some kids from a burning building he flies down and meets his his sister. She warns her brother to keep an eye out for Deathstroke. Remember they think good ol’ dad is trying to kill her. Slade in his cool guy clothes walks up to a house and brushes off the new owner’s attempts at talking to him. There he is attacked by Adeline with a kitchen knife. She yells at him that she should kill him for all he’s done. He got Grant killed, Joey’s throat slit, and cheated with a Chinese hooker. I’d see why the woman would be upset. Deathstroke and his ex wife hash out the details of who’ve they been working with and who I guess is the worse person between them. Deathstroke might have that one in the bag.

A little further down the road Deathstroke sneaks into Alisante’s ship with the help of the techy Hosun. Just when he’s about to get to the target who shows up? Superman. I might be wrong on this but as Mr. Stroke is running around Hosun and one of Rose’s employees get a text from Hosun? Either way the text says, “Do you know who you’re working for?” I got a little lost towards the end which is kind of the result from having a story jump around too much.

The Confessional

This one was harder to read without a little history about these characters. Rebirth has done a great job with not only having a call out to old reader, but also introducing characters to new readers. Now I’ve been reading comics since I was eight years old, but Deathstroke is a new one to me so it’s been harder to truly understand what is going on. Plus, like I said previously there is a lot of jumping around and back and forth, which on one of my pet peeves. Anyways, I really enjoyed last issue and had a good concept about what was going on, but again I feel I need to know a little history to continue to understand the central themes of who Deathstroke and the characters around him really are.


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