Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Doctor Fate #18 SPOILER REVIEW

Doctor Fate #18

Writer: Paul Levitz
Artists: Brendan McCarthy 

Heck yeah I’ve been waiting for this one to come around again. If you remember from our last psychedelic adventure Dr. Fate had just been captured by a purple thread of life coming from the creature who had pretty much told him he’s been wanting to kill Dr. Fate for awhile. Trying to get loose he stretches the thread and it finally breaks. Finally free, Khalid walks into the pyramids finding guidance from Thoth. Thoth tells Khalid that he wears his helmet so that means the young man should be loyal to Thoth. Questioning what exactly Thoth means by being loyal, Nabu assures Khalid that Thoth just wants to be his guide. Already putting some of that handy wisdom to work, Thoth speaks about the Spinners of the Threads of Fate and Khalid’s encounter with them. Even though the weavers feel that the power of life itself is in their hands, it is honestly up to each person and the choices they make that really determine their fate. With swirly magic, Thoth presses his hand against Khalid and tells him he is healed. Confused Khalid says he doesn’t really know what’s going on that he was just trying to save his friend Akila. Still feeling like this comic is on LSD, in a good way, Thoth tells Khalid that he sees wisdom in him, but now it was time to show power. With his blessing he sends Khalid on his way to stop the spinners from cutting more mortal lives short.

Khalid takes a roundtrip back to the spinners web. He reminisces about a time when he didn’t see all the lurking boogeymen hiding in the dark.  Snapping back to the weird and groovy reality he sees if Thoth was right, did these bugs really not have an impact on the real world? The bugs are acting as parasites, killing people and feeding on their souls. Khalid hopes he has saved his friend by shaking her thread loose. Using his magic, he tries burning all the bugs but is quickly overwhelmed by them. So much for the help of Thoth…

Khalid wakes up in terrible pain in front of the centipede/tremor monster that wanted so desperately to kill him. The creature starts burning Khalid’s thread causing even more excruciating pain. Nabu tries encouraging Khalid to fight through the pain. Khalid tries to escape with no success. He remembers the mojo that is inside him. With the mighty control of inner strength (corny? yes. still awesome? totally), Khalid burst with light and power. He condemns the beast and its little spider minions to be trapped in its own world and no longer have access to life’s threads. BOOM, and there goes the dynamite, the very brightly psychedelic looking dynamite. Khalid falls back to earth and accidentally brought what looks like an egg. Not taking any chances he crushes the egg and walks away. 

The Confessional 

What a ride! A rollercoaster that spits out rainbows kind of ride. Since starting this serious a couple issues ago i've been a fan of Dr. Fate. I really enjoy the interaction between Khalid and Nabu and the teacher, student dynamic. The conclusion of the whole dying threads of life seemed to rush. Such a big build up and just ended with a beam of light. Don't get me wrong the beam of light was cool, but i felt this conflict deserved a better ending. The mythological aspect of this comic is really what draws you in with the power of Egyptian gods and helmets with spirits in them, it's easy to capture the imagination. There is no way to explain the art without using the word psychedelic. Each page pops with color and swirls of well...more color. Don't get distracted there is definitely a story worth reading underneath. 


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