Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Earth 2 Society #18 SPOILER REVIEW

Earth 2 Society #18

Writer: Dan Abnett
Artists: Bruno Redondo, Juan Albarran, Rex Lokus

Huntress, Batman (Dick), and his son John are trapped in some kind of limbo. Suddenly sweeping in from no where are winged private-eye looking guys coming down to attack the trio. Rich in kickassery the three easily take down the creeps resembling sandman.
Somewhere else Kara, Val-Zod and others travel in limbo as well. Val believes the environment was created by the Pandora casket when Fury activated it. Ashamed and angry at herself, Fury confirms Supes idea that it was her who created this mess. Supes doesn’t blame her though, she did what she needed to do. Trying to understand what’s going on Supes says that he believes the world is there around them but it’s out of phase. The casket that was opened created a new reality that just isn’t in focus yet. Not wanting to wait around for the world to catch up to them they decide to follow the sandman impersonators and find their origin. Fury takes her own road and drives her fist through the seemingly invisible wall.

Bats and the others heard the punch and try going in the direction where it came from. The others look in where Fury has punched, and find a room in reality. Fury broke the phases barrier between limbo and reality. As great as the discovery is, it also attracted unwanted attention. The group is swarmed and they try fighting their way through. During the whole situation there has been a faint voice giving directions, as if someone was in control of the situation. The voice announces a cohesion countdown. Whatever that is, it doesn’t sound good. Suddenly, everyone in limbo is shadowed by darkness. Bracing themselves, the superheroes are confused when cohesion is achieved, it just meant Metropolis is back, everything is back how it should be, or at least looks that way. Batman, Huntress, and Jon are approached by a man who informs them that they need to go with him if they want to live.

The Confessional 

I enjoyed that a lot more than I initially thought I would. I’m a stickler for the classics and variations on those classics have never been my thing. But with a gripping story just as lovable alter egos I will gladly say I’m a fan of Earth 2. The story was quick and clean and even just jumping in at #18 easy to follow. Even with white backgrounds the panels popped and the characters in them were well drawn and defined. I loved the dynamic between all the characters. Nothing better than a good ol' cliff hanger, and "come with me or you’ll die" is one of the best. Again I am forced to go spend all my money on back issues because I’ve once again feel in love with a new title.


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