Thursday, November 24, 2016


Frostbite #3

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artists: Jason Shawn Alexander, Luis NCT

Two of what I’m guessing are thugs have to confront their boss about losing Victoria Bonham. A doctor who can cure Burns of his severe frostbite. A guy names Burns having frostbite, oh the irony. Elsewhere Miss. Bonham is in a vehicle with others trying to get across a large body of very thin ice. Bonham tries to approach other passengers and offer them some medical help which they rudely refuse. As things couldn’t get worse their vehicle is shot at by a couple of ice queens. And when I say ice queens I mean imagine if Jack Frost and Killer frost had babies and the babies got their mom’s attitude. These three frost ladies watch over the sea of ice in hope of capturing people to sacrifice to their Goddess of Winter. On the other side are the firemen. Not thinking it’s the firemen we all know. These firemen are about mass destruction, and what else would they use for that, but fire. Both groups are searching for Miss. Bonham to get paid for the pretty penny of a bounty that’s on her head. One of the crew mates of Bonham jumps on the roof and starts giving out head shots. Luckily the bounty asks for Bonham alive, so the two bad guy groups won’t blow up their vehicle. For a sweet second they think they are in the clear, that is until one of the ice queens jumps on their car with spear in hand. The spear not aiming for the sniper girl’s heart, instead gets a direct hit to the snowmobile’s heat pulsar. Which means it’s about to power down any second. Knowing his fate Barlow (the driver) ejects the ladies out and rams the ice ladies’ vehicle with his own, causing a big explosion. The two (sniper girl and Bonham) are left on the ice. Bonham trying to protect the other spears one of the ice queens remaining, and now Bonham is left in shock afterwards. For she has never killed anyone before. Sniper lady picks her up and continues forging forward.

The Confessional

That was awesome! It’s like a mix of a gang movie mashed with Mad Max. I can already tell that the characters created are going to be some that will make me want to come back to this comic over and over again. Even on issue three the storyline is laid out easily and within the first half you know exactly what is going on. The art was really cool, a watercolor vibe that painted each scene beautifully. Just when you think there this story leans more towards realistic fiction, you’re given wicked ice queens and evil firemen. It was just great overall and easily my book of the week. A Must Read!


Ariel DuPey | Nerd Church Radio 

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