Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Gotham Academy #3 SPOLIER REVIEW

Gotham Academy #3

Writers: Brenden Fletcher, Becky Cloonan, Karl Kerschl
Artisit: Sandra Hope, Msassyk, Serge Lapointe

At Gotham Academy a witch named Haxen, has taken students and are forcing them to steal books for her. Eric was in Pom’s room when a brainwashed student snatched a book from his hands. Pom is pretty upset that he was in there in the first place. Deciding that finding the witch is more important, they spilt up to search for her instead of dwelling on Eric's presence. A girl donning a witch hat is caught her name is Amanda Lydecker and she is dazed and confused when the hat is removed off her head. The kids learn that the hats are what is causing the students to be brained washed. Colton thinks that with some tools from the shop class he can tinker on the mind control hat and figure out how it works.
Continuing the Harry Potter vibe, a girl named Kathrine appears out of no where and says she knows where Maps is, because she swamped out a flower in Map’s hair and used a flower made out of Kathrine herself. Yes, a character in this book is named Maps. With that flower Kathrine can hear and see everything around Maps. Colton was caught but they decide that finding Maps was more important…jeez these kids and their priorities. They run to the backyard to find the beginning of a book burning. After devising a clever plan of distraction, Eric ruins it when he sees his notebook about to go into the fire. He rushes out to try and save his notes but is literally swept aside by the main witch with a broom. The rest of the gang rushes in and try to over take the witch. Kathrine releases Maps from her spell and they too attack by the witch. Unknown to the rest of them Olive is being seduced by the fire, it’s calling her name. Maps tears off the witch’s hat revealing their English teacher professor Pio. The rest of of the brainwashed kids are released from their spells and the fire is put out. Still with me? Turns out the book burning was revenge to Mr. Scarlet. Pio was just trying to get back to him. Somewhere else in Hogwarts…I mean Gotham Academy Colton, their forgotten friend, is expelled.

The confessional 

Ummmmm….I kind of feel like I just watched an episode of something on pbs. I’m not sure if this is directed towards kids and that’s why it was so hard to get into. The art was playful and related to the juvenile story just fine. The characters were okay and likable but there were so many of them that I lost track of who was who and who was doing what. Again I’m pretty convinced this was meant for younger kids and if it’s not it should be. A clean, wholesome story with colorful pages and easy to follow story line would be great for the youngins. I have to go with what I felt personally so I have to say...


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