Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Lucifer #12 SPOILER Review

Lucifer #12

Writer: Holly Black
Artists: Lee Garbett, Antonio Fabela

Well if you’re just jumping on this 666 train like me, they were so kind as give a little recapish intro. A magician’s cards came to life and gave her twins. One of which she hated and apparently killed, but the other one she loves dearly. I thought parents weren’t supposed to show favoritism? Killing one of your kids, kind of shows that favoritism. Jumping to today Lucifer visits this little family. He asks Ms. Jill Presto if her daughter Noema is ready. Jill screams to the devil that Noema is just a child and she doesn’t need to be saddled with what he wants. Lucifer asks Jill if Noema knows who she is, who her father is, and what happened to her brother…Jill turns and walks back to her daughter. Knowing something is up Noema questions her mother and gets annoyed that her mom’s response is that she’ll tell her when she’s older. Every kid loves to hear that. With Lucifer’s touch Noema is sent to somewhere else. She’s surrounded by ominous dressed up people who are calling her daughter. Medjine tries to stop Lucifer, but instead is hurled into the same dream state nightmare as Noema.

An angel named Morningstar confronts a terrifying looking demon like creature. But to the surprise of the reader it’s not a demon it’s …God. God is mocking the angel telling him that he has created everything and therefore owns everything. Morningstar disagrees and tells God that a woman named Elaine is the actually being keeping the world together. We get some epic splash pages of angels fighting one another. God eventually tells Morningstar that for now Elaine is in control but the world is his to shape and soon he will remake it. Morningstar looks at the being in front of him and tells him that there maybe some of him left in there but the being before him is not his father. A young girl who might be Noema I’m not really sure tells Morningstar that’s she upset because he dragged her into this fight.

Somewhere a little more peaceful Jill embraces her daughter who has returned. Jill asks if her daughter is sill her self. With a comforting nod Jill turns to Medjine and thanks her for saving her daughter. Gabriel who has fallen from the sky sits at a dinner. A strager approaches him asking him to save his boyfriend…Raphael.
 Morningstar embraces his lover and speaks about what is to happen next. They must kill God.

The Confessional

I feel like this story should’ve taken my mind out to dinner first. I’m all about vulgar obscenities, some of my favorite shows and novels have that sort of stuff in it. But there is a fine line between adding it to the story to further the plot and having it there for shock value. I feel that this story was dancing on that fine line. What I took away from this issue is that angels are fight, that there is a heaven and a hell and their both kinds of corrupt. Super gloomy stuff. The art was one thing I did enjoy. The dark colors and heavy shadows definitely fed into the dreariness of the book. Maybe I’ve been watching too much HBO lately because the rated r material just got old, fast for me. It’s interesting enough for me to want to keep reading, just hope it’s not all so grim.


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