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Midnighter & Apollo #2 SPOILER REVIEW

Midnighter & Apollo #2 

 Into the Inferno we go 

A very Batman looking panel leads to Bendix taunting Midnighter that he created him so he knows what his next moves will be. Continuing the taunt Bendix tells Midnighter that his lover Apollo is dying and the only way to get to him was to go through a gauntlet specifically made for Midnighter. Bendix believes Midnighter won’t kill him because there wasn’t time to waste. His bad guy speech is interrupted by Midnighter hurling two spikes into Bendix’s neck...that’s gotta put a damper on Bendix’s cockiness. Midnighter, covered in blood begins his journey through the gauntlet. Two full pages of Midnighter kicking ass while repeating over and over and over again, “door, door, door. “He comes to the light of Opal city only to be met by a terrifying spider/robot hybrid. Midnighter waisting no time kicks him in the face. Mawzir (the monster) threatens and compliments Midnighter at the same time, saying Midnighter would find fast friends among the Lord of the Guns. That won’t happen because as Midnighter says they attacked his love, Apollo. Mawzir responds that Apollo’s death was a necessary debt paid. Midnighter warns Mawzir that’ll he’ll find him and what happened to Bendix might just happen to Mawzir as well.

 Oakland, Point Isabel, three days later. Marina and Midnighter are going for a run. Marina is trying her best to comfort Midnighter after Apollo’s death. But he tells her he’s not dead, she tries to argue, but he insists he’s not dead. Flash to Midnighter standing over a seemingly dead Apollo. Midnighter gets dressed and heads to meet a man in Lima, Peru. In the Sacraium we see a man with a daughter who has angel wings. She is trying to find a candle for the man, he replies by telling her it’s fine she can’t find it, to go ask her father. This is when Midnighter finally says what he came for. He knows that Mawzir killed Apollo’s body, but his soul traveled, and he wants to know where. Gregorio lets Midnighter know that he has started the spell to find Apollo’s soul the moment Midnighter took a sip of tea that was offered to him. Midnighter and Gregorio’s minds slowly start to travel to elsewhere. We find Apollo is stuck in other plane where a creature entraps him. Apollo breaks free and grabs the other prisoners and tries to escape, but is quickly caught. An evil Thor looking guy called Neron scoffs at Apollo telling him that he may have been a hero been in this place there are no Gods, only Neron. Neron plans to suck the life out of Apollo.
Coming back to reality Gregorio informs Midnighter that Apollo is in Hell. Midnighter with not a second to pause says, “I going to hell,” and leaves the room. Will Midnighter make his way to Hell to save his lover? Will Neron suck the light out of Apollo? Will I get in trouble for remarking certain individuals look very similar to other well known characters? Find out next time in Midnighter and Apollo #3 Deadly Fire.

Dark and gritty; just how I like it

 I really enjoyed the art, even as it reminded me a great deal of how the Batman comics are drawn. The dark colors and thick ink lines play well to the grave overtone of the story. There are so many cool factors at play here. We see a hooded figure who moves with angst, trying to find his brightly lit love across time. A little girl with wings in the home of a psychic? A journey through a non reality. The artist was able to have all those moments play out smoothly while still giving off the feeling of mystic to the pages.

Pick it up, do it!  

This is definitely worth a read. This title seemed to have something for everyone. A spider/robot bad guy, a journey to hell, and an endearing love story. There were so many loose ends that it would be hard to not want to keep reading the series. I am new to this character, so as a new reader it’s always important that I feel like I not only enjoyed the comic but also understood what was going on with the here in now. Without needing to go back and read all the back issues. I say a high blessing for this attention-grabbing book.


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