Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Mother Panic #1 SPOILER REVIEW

Mother Panic #1 

Writer: Jody Houser
Artisits: Tommy Lee Edwards 

The cover catches your eye because you see an edgy looking girl next to a deer, with the bat symbol flying in back, and a dude who looks like Phantom Virus from "Scooby Doo and the Cyber Chase" on the front. We begin our journey in Gotham City. A disgruntle Violet Paige walks out of an airplane surrounded by fans and questions about her personal life. With a classy middle finger to the crowd she jumps into a limo.
15 years ago, Violet is asked to say goodbye to her mother. Her mother who appears to be developing Alzheimer’s or some degree of mental illness. Her mother whispers to Violet, “you can’t trust them…” we flash to a museum where two guys that look like they might steal Dalmatians for a living feast their eyes on a throne. Again to a young Violet, who is hunting with her father, but she doesn’t want to kill an animal. Their friend annoyed with the child says she’s too much like her mother, that her mother always hated pulling the trigger. Vi gets upset and tells the man her mother is still alive and that she HATES pulling the trigger as in present tense. Her dad comforts Vi telling her the friend didn’t mean it like that, but anyways he’d teach her to pull a trigger yet.

Present day Violet is angrily stomping around a charity event. A reporter tries asking her what happened at the death of Martin Paige, Vi shoves him away telling him if he touched her one more time he would have the opportunity to ask her dead father in person. Also at the charity a young man tries leaving the party only stopped by some well dressed thugs. They tell him that it was unfortunate he witnessed something he shouldn’t have, it’s so unfortunate it calls for a gun to be put against his head. The assassination is stopped by the cyber chase looking person, who promptly kicks all their butts. A little too late to the party, Batman steps
outside to find the knocked out men but no vigilante around. Cyber chase takes off the mask to reveal it's non other than angry girl, Violet. She takes the guy to her now well mother.
A twisted artist named Gala is interrupted by Hemsley telling her that the piece she did for him, the wrong person saw it and now one of the Bat’s people has him. When I say twisted I mean she has a guy hung upside down and it looks like she’s using a knife with his blood to paint…so yeah twisted. She informs the man that she will try finding the rogue body guard. The boy tells costumed Vi that he’ll help her find Hemsley only if she helps them in return. Why should she do that…well as the boy says it’s kids that need her help.

The Confessional 

As intriguing as the cover page looked this story fell flat for me. I feel like a lot of writers want to cram a lot of information into an issue 1 and the story itself gets lost. I didn’t really feel any connection to the main character and her attitude was more of an annoyance than a distorted charm. The art reminded me lot of year zero and was fun to look at, but that was probably the only highlight for me. Batman…being Batman is an easy drawn in to any story and will probably be the reason I keep reading. Here’s to hoping the story slows down and character development because more president.


Ariel DuPey | Nerd Church Radio 

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