Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Raven #3

Writer: Mary Wolfman
Artists: Alisson Borges, Blond

Raven feels a great disturbance in the force. She sits tortured by the shrieking voices that disappear into nothingness. Outside the dome of doom, the police are desperately trying to get people to go to safety of their homes. But the people stay and watch what they don’t understand and try to figure out what they don’t know. Raven sees her friend entrapped in the wreckage and tries to free her. Pulling her away she tries to use her powers to help Annabel’s mind also escape. She tries to hold in her anger since with her anger also comes the risk of releasing her father from her mind. You know the big bad demon guy whose hobbies include obliterating galaxies. Yeah that guy. The thing, as Raven calls it, because not even she knows what it is, whisks Raven away. The thing informs Raven that it will destroy her when it’s ready.  

Raven who by friends and family is called Rachel, wakes up in her home with fleeting memories. She remembers her family and how she acts towards them, but can’t recall more recent events such as a big scary dome thing almost killing her. Her cousin asks Raven’s opinion on the thing causing Raven memories to flood in. She seems almost in a daze wondering where her memory went and about the family she resides with. Distracted by her thoughts she doesn’t notice until too late, the white thing appearing in her room and wraps her in its...arms? The thing brings Raven back to the outer limits of it’s dome. She learns that it is feeding off the people it traps souls, so she tries to stop people from continuing to walk into it. she sees their minds trapped in an amusement park from hell. They are all in pain and their pain is feeding the thing. With the absorption of enough souls the thing can move onto bigger fish, such as Raven herself. Raven aka Rachel is thrown aside, an ambulance rushes to her aid.

In an apartment, four people discuss the events going on. They seem pleased that the Justice League is unreachable. Judging by their outfits I’d say these are some baddies. A blonde girl frantically searches the hospital for her boyfriend instead seeing Raven. She identifies Raven and another girl for the doctors. The doctors freak out when Raven starts having seizure like symptoms and they call out that she needs a blood transfusion. Fact number five about Raven, her body and soul can not be separate for too long or both will implode. Which is kind of happening right now to the horror of everyone witnessing. The last panel we see is the four baddies from before telling the world that they can save them from them the danger dome, for five billion dollars. *Insert evil laugh*

The confessional

First off I felt like I was reading anime the whole time.  I only know raven from the original (and good) Teen Titans that used to be on. I loved her, I loved her struggle with the evilness in her and her strength to hold on to humanity. This felt completely different. She spoke about the importance of her staying calm in a joking way. Which I get, trying to add some humor into a dark situation, but to me that's not who raven is. The antagonist in the story arch is literally called "thing" which threw me off the story. Not a lot of context just a big thing sucking the soul out of people. The memory loss angle was cool but only lasted a couple panels which begs the question why do it in the first place? I could go on but I think rebirth is doing amazing things and for Raven’s sake I hope her story gets better.


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