Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Shade The Changing Girl #2 SPOILER REVIEW

Shade the Changing Girl #2

Change is a good thing 

Young Megan is going through an existential crisis as she prepares for her first day back at school after being in a coma. She goes through the motions while questioning it all. When she gets to school her peers stare at her as she wonders if they all hate her for some reason. A young man grabs her by the arm and asks to talk in which she replies, who are you? She walks away as the boy stands there and whispers, “It’s Wes…your boyfriend.”

In a planet far away called Meta the Ministry of Ministries meets. A couple of men are in a room together discussing a lost coat that causes madness. A coat that I believe Meagan is wearing. The importance of finding this coat is dire, because who ever has it “might as well be dead!”

In a state of perplexity, Megan walks around her school trying to understand it. She wonders why this planet is so different than Meta. In the library she finds a girl where for the first time since she has been back with her peers felt a connection with. Eager to re-feel a connection she speaks to the girl. Back on Meta the men are still desperately trying to figure out where the coat went. The leader informs the others that they must wait because eventually the madness the coat causes will reveal itself. A boy named River sits in the library as three girls approach him. They know that Megan will go after Teacup (the girl in the library) to get her status back to what it was before. Only barely remembering her life here Megan wonders what they are talking about. Suddenly the girls are surrounded by images of horror causing them to flee the library. River calls out to Megan and Teacup that it’s safe to come out now. Teacup, annoyed with Megan’s presence tries to leave but Megan reaches out and grabs her shoulder. That is when a memory comes flooding back. Meagan and Teacup were swimming on their team when Meagan grabbed Teacup's leg almost drowning her. Baffled she lets go of Teacup and Teacup leaves the library in a haste. River politely asks Meagan (who wants to be called Shade), to not eat in the library anymore because the weirdness she’s got going on can’t be handled by him. After School Megan waits and waits but her mother hasn’t arrived and she doesn’t know the way home. That is when River approaches her asking her why she doesn’t just text or call her mom. Megan tells him that she threw away all her electronics because they were primitive. River walks her home as Meagan thinks to herself how she so wants to remember who she was. Her half memories seem so dark and cruel and she wonders if she can change. She decides she needs to study the good side of humanity so she turns on the t.v. Will Meagan remembers who she it? Will the ministry get closer to discovering where the coat is? Will the mean girl continue being mean?

All the colors of the wind

The art is very reminiscent of the I-Zombie comics. It's very colorful and fun without being too simplistic. Much like my husband, a pet peeve of mine is not doing expressions well. With that said I thought even with the less detailed lines the artist did a good job of showing the characters’ expressions on their face. The whole book consists of Megan going through her day in a trance like state where her confusion of what’s going on is clear. But there is one page where she recalls a memory and she no longer looks like the innocent confused girl. Instead she looks cruel and very much like the mean girl we all knew in High school. The contrast was clear and told well through the art.

Not just another mean girl story 

I was skeptical of the comic when I first received it. I thought great another high school girl dealing with popularity and social media, not something I’m interested in. Instead I found a captivating narrative and a refreshing take on a character. I can already tell there is going to be endearing personalities that i'm going to care about, much like I do with a weekly television show. I’m excited to continue reading this story arch and keep you updated on Megan’s journey to remember who she is and the ministries quest to find the coat of madness.


Ariel DuPey  | Nerd Church Radio

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