Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Sixpack and DogWelder #4 SPOILER REVIEW

Sixpack and DogWelder #4

Writer: Garth Ennis
Artists: Russ Braun, John Kalisz, Pat Brosseau

We last left off with the gang surrounded by mummies and about to fight their way out. Constantine brings out the Hellblazer and starts setting mummies on fire, but there are hundreds! Sixpack in his drunken glory is over taken, and a still sad looking Dogwelder just stands there. Dogwelder is surrounded by barking mummy dogs when he finally lets his welder flames loose. All the mummies stop in their tracks and stare at the glimmering blue light. Dogwelder then walks down a really messed up hallway full of statues of past dogwelders. Some are cowboys, some are soldiers, all have a dog on their hand. Speaking of dog hands, we run into a replica of Dogwelder except with a Dalmatian on his hand. We find out that this is the predecessor to the now Dogwelder, just like all the statues that lay in front of him. It is then we learn to origin of the dogwelders. Many centuries ago the Gods decided that there needed to be an underworld, and they needed someone to guide the souls and to decide if they would be let in to this new dark world. They go to a lonesome boy welding weapons for the Gods. The Gods order the boy to do something horrendous but necessary; weld the head of a dog on to a sleeping God and that God shall become Anubis watcher of the underworld. And the boy, well he got the wrath of Anubis’s anger of what had been done to him. The curse that was bestowed upon the boy was that he would have the urge to weld dogs to peoples’ faces and his own role in life would forever remain a mystery to him. Jeesh, that’s pretty harsh, even for a God.

While his friends wait for him outside, Dogwelder learns that there maybe more to the curse than he was let on. Dalmatian dude tells him that they were meant to weld something else. Refusing to believe that, Dogwelder ask if he can finally rest in piece. Before he can be answered, the Dalmatian guy disappears. Dogwelder looks up and sees what has appeared out of no where, a statue of him self. He walks out of the hall defeated and tells his friends that he learned nothing. Sixpack exclaims that he thought this was some great mission where they were going to save the world. Sixpack remembers the spectra that spoke of this mission and ask out loud if anyone thinks the spectra will return. Just as he is saying it the gang is blinded by a bright light. You got to love those comic coincidences.

The Confessional

This issue was a lot slower than the previous one, but was still enjoyable. I really love the interactions between Constantine and the Section eight crew, and so I missed it a lot in this issue. Here we got an explanation of why and what Dogwelder is. An interesting character I won’t lie, but I don’t think dynamic enough to hold a whole comic. The art was awesome. The fact that you can have characters with a shield in front of their face still be able to express emotions says wonders about the artist’s talent. Hoping the next issue Is more of a team effort, either way Ennis has me hooked on yet another story. This overall series I’d say is pretty up there but I have to be honest I give this one…


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