Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Suicide Squad #6 SPOILER REVIEW

Suicide Squad #6

Writer: Rob WilliamsArtists: Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Sandra Hope, Matt Banning, Alex Sinclair

Rick Flag with sweaty madness shoots Amanda Waller in the head. But somehow she lives as we all know only the good die young. Rick flag is in shock as he sees Katanana (who stopped the bullet) standing next to the killer lady. Amanda in her classy lady way head butts Rick and warns everyone around her to try to mess with her because she’s the biggest monster in the room. Lights go out.

In a kitchen elsewhere a girl tries to tell the rest of the suicides what she just witnessed, but is quickly zapped in the back by guards and taken away.  When the lights come back on we see all the scientist and some others trying to kill each other! Turns out when they released Zod from The Black Vault he left behind a contagious bloodlust. Speaking of Bloodlust during the power outage the cell doors were open and unlucky June Moon ventured out. When I say unlucky I mean super unlucky as we soon see Killer Croc pick her up and take a bite out of her neck. Scientist take comfort that the compound is dosed in Red sunlight leaving Zod powerless…that is till one of the scientist who just killed his buddy breaks through a window letting Sunlight bask Zod’s motionless body. While everyone else is going bat s@*& crazy, the Black Vault is having the opposite effect on Harley Quinn, it’s making her sane again.

What appears to be a second comic starts off with Amanda Waller reminding Killer Croc of who he really is. A kid born with a condition that made him an outcast. Through most bullied him he found one friend, Emma. One of the bullies go missing and Killer Croc trying to be a hero used his super nose to find the kid. When they find him he’s already dead, an actual killer crocodile jumps out of the water and attacks his friend Emma. Back then, known as Waylon, tries jumping in the water to save his friend. Defeated he walks out the water with his dead friend in arms. The town starts screaming at him Killer! Killer! Killer! In the present Waller stares him down and tells Croc he’s not a killer just someone who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Stoic and un-phased Croc asks Waller when the next guard is coming so he can eat him. Guess he’s a killer now.

The Confessional

This was a pleasant surprise for me. I hadn't heard the best about this series so I never really picked it up. I had a lot of fun reading this issue. First we have Amanda Waller’s good and bad guys going crazy killing each other. Whenever something bad happens to Waller I consider it a good thing, that woman is crazy! We have a powerless Zod who is somehow still causing chaos, and with all the people going crazy there's Harley Quinn, going un-crazy. It's just great. I can't wait to see how sane Harley deal with this situation. Which brings me to the issue is June really dead? That's pretty harsh.
Then the reader gets a glimpse into the origin or Killer Croc and what caused him to become, well, killer. His backstory is pretty damn sad and you actually feel sorry for the guy. That is until you remember that he just took a chunk out of June's neck. The art stayed true to the hot topic vibe the suicide squads got going on with sharp lines and edgy colors. Jim Lee is always a favorite and this book is no exception. I for one am on board and am all ready working my way through the old archives...back issues I'm reading old back issues.


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