Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Supergirl #3 

Writer: Steve Orlando
Artists: Brian Ching, Michael Atiyeh 

At the Danvers house Kara sits around a kitchen island with her adoptive family. They are arguing about Kara’s upcoming trip to space. Kara needs to go to space to see if her father is still out there. Refusing to let her go alone Eliza joins her alien daughter. In a distant memory Kara thinks of her mother, as they reach their destination. Zor-El wasn’t lying he had saved Argo city, but it wasn’t as it used to be. Furious, Kara finds Zor-El who greets her like family. The red kryptonite poisoned the city, but Zor-El used technology and brought the people back to life, including Kara’s mother.

Back on Earth at Catco worldwide media, Ben is being questioned about Kara’s whereabouts. Being a good friend he easily covers for her. Grant doesn’t buy it but allows the cover up to happen without any more questions. Speaking of getting yelled at Agent Danvers is getting an earful from Director Chase about letting Supergirl go off into space for a family reunion.

Not convinced that these people are actually alive Kara asks Zor what he did to them. With his technology he raised their bodies from the dead and uploaded the tiniest of personal details to their CPU. Hesitant Kara approaches her mother. Surged with anger she blows Zor away. Her mother has no life in her it’s just her body. It’s a nightmare! She blast her laser eyes through the dome and stomps down on the ground. Zor tells her that he did this for her, his fatherly duty was to bring her back to the home she knew, but she was acting like an ungrateful brat. Distracting her with fighting words the city comes to life and grabs ahold of Kara. Kara begs her father to stop this, all of it. He simply replies that it wasn’t his intention to frighten her that it was a gift for her. He heard her wish for home every night so he recreated it. Zor-EL could still create the people to become alive he need an odic force. The ore of life is rare and can only be refined from certain organic species. Each citizen in this place, their hearts absorbs odic force with a bio-capacitor and thanks to Kara he knows that the process works. With that said, Kara’s mother carries in a knocked Danvers, Kara’s adoptive mom. Zor is going to go to Earth and harvest the people odic force killing them in the process. Zor-El heads to Earth leaving Karas pleasing cries behind him.

The Confessional 

The art was very stylistic but worked for the story and still gave the characters’ definition. I discovered Supergirl through the TV show, and am a big fan. It was cool to see Kara in a different younger version. She already deals with so much and being a teenager doesn’t make anything easier. Much like my husband I love when the bad guy gets a good story and we get an in depth look at why their doing what they are doing. In this case Zor-El in his twisted sense of fatherhood is trying to recreate a home that Kara has lost. Yeah it turned out really messed up, but point for trying right?


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