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Superman #11

 Writers: Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick GleasonArtists: Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray, Mark Morales, Christian Alamy, John Kalisz

 The two troubler make boys, Damian and Jon attempt to break out of the parental boot camp their fathers put them in. Unknowingly to them, them breaking out is part of the test. The goal is to teach the boys how to work together, which they fail at miserably. Their fathers put up a series of test for the boys to complete. They break out of the boot camp with no help from other and find themselves on a snowy cliff. Jon takes a wrong step ends up dangling off said cliff.  Damian being his usual jerk self doesn’t help when Jon almost falls. Jon is luckily able to pull him self up without any help. And you thought you had issues growing up? The boys happen upon their super clothes that were taken away from them earlier. Just as they get dressed Jon’s friend Maya jumps on the scene. She was recruited by their fathers to help the boys, well, learn a lesson. She blasts them with some sonic waves causing Jon to lose control of his powers and also causing an avalanche. Maya grabs the boys and slides to safety. Being the brat that he is Damian doesn’t thank Maya and instead grabs their gear that they were suppose to earn back. Damian jumps on a train and with a wicked smile says I’m doing this alone, later losers. Damian gets a surprise when Goliath comes out of no where and knocks him back. Extra frustrated demon Damian yells at the big bat “stupid bat stop playing! The game’s over! It’s just me Superboy’s not…” to the delight of the reader the next panel is watching Jon catch up to where he is. The boys try to stop Goliath, but without Damian’s whistle he can’t be controlled. Damian shows that he may have a hint of a heart when he tells Jon to stop tugging the man bat because Jon’s hurting him. Finally having Goliath dealt with the boys turn to look up to see that the train tracks are ending and their headed towards a gnarly fall. Alfred begs Batman in the bat cave to help the boys because this little trial isn’t working. Batman tells Alfred to just wait…and he wasn’t wrong.

While Damian is throwing a fit, Jon devises a plan. If Krypto loves playing fetch why wouldn’t Goliath. He throws a fish in the air and yells at Goliath to fetch it. Which he does, and the two boys hop on for the ride. Batman compliments Supes on Jon’s resourcefulness. Supes nods, but tells Batman the boys have one last chance to work together if they don’t, well the dads don’t know what else to do. While flying through the night sky Jon’s attempts at bonding with Damian fall short. As they come closer to land they see a sign in a forming twister, Ring Around the Rosie, another game for the boys. Arguing about what to do the boys end up losing control and fall out of the sky. There they find Superman all ready with a lecture. He tries to get through their heads that teamwork is important. Supes ends with telling the boy that since they failed at working together on every challenge he wasn’t sure if they would get their capes back.

Back at the cave they find their fathers and Alfred are all tied up by some bad guy hybrid glob. Supes tells Bats maybe this is going too far and Batman tells him to hush and just watch. The boys finally working together defeat the monster and find out it was in fact a test. But they don’t complain because they finally made their fathers proud and earned their capes back. 
All together they go out for a little Christmas tree shopping and all have a good time and laugh. A little cliché but worth it because the boys start arguing about who gets to chop down the treat and a simple argument turns into a fist fight causing their fathers to get a headache.

The Confessional

I’ve really enjoyed this story arch since the boys came into it. If you can’t tell, I am not a fan of Damian. But watching the dynamic between these two is pretty funny.
The darkness of Batman and light of Superman played into an interesting contrast on the pages. Even the boys with their dark hair were a nice juxtaposition next to each other. The friend Maya was just introduced not too long ago so I wonder if they'll explain how the dads were able to contact her to be a part of their game. What amazes me about these iconic characters is that all the writers that are given their story stay true to who they are. Throughout the comic Supes and Alfred tell Bats to end it but in his "cause I'm batman' sort of way continues to let the boys push through.
The ending was a little cheesy with them all bonding together out on the woods, I really hope that's not the end of these twos story arch. Overall I'd give the arch an 8/10 but this issue on its own I'd have to say


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