Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Superman Annual #1

Writers: Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason
Artisits: Jorge Jimenez, Alejandro Sanchez
Price: $4.99

Superman gets Grounded

A symbol of hope, light, and all that is good: The Superman Annual is here! He may be super, but first and foremost he is a Kansas farm boy. The later is quite obvious in this issue, as we begin by watching him deal with some dry crops. Going to investigate, Supes finds out what is causing all the trouble. None other than Dr. Alec Holland, more commonly known as Swamp Thing. It turns out that this new Superman draws solar energy in a different way that is disturbing "the green,” which is why Swamp Thing is there. Supes, being the All-American good guy that he is, says he’s willing to figure out a solution. As he goes to hold up his hand, suddenly a bright light comes rushing out of him and hits Swamp Thing. Overcome with some kind of infection, Swamp Thing begins fighting Superman while shouting an ancient form of Kryptonian. Supes then rushes Swamp Thing in to the ground below in hopes that the green and his roots will gain strength and free him from the sickness that has over taken Swamp Thing. How does Swamp Thing repay the big blue boyscout? By attacking him and trying to fuse with Superman. The fusing, as far as I can tell, is so that Superman can truly understand "the green” and Superman's effect on it. Obviously this doesn’t sound too good to Supes, so he fights back all the while begging the beast to take a moment to talk. Swamp Thing becomes more and more furious and tells superman, “if you won’t fuse with me then I guess I’ll just have to eat you." Sure, why not? That seems like a totally proportionate response.
Now that Swamp Thing has contained Superman…in his stomach...Swamp Thing is ready to talk. He believes that the vibrational deviation that Superman is causing is because Superman still has emotional and psychological ties to his old world. Supes may have assimilated and made the people believe he was the real Superman, but not the earth. Superman calmly breaks free from Swamp Things and discovers that the streams and lakes are once again full of water. Swamp Thing informs Supes that the parliament of trees and himself have assimilated Supes as best as they can to this world vibration. It is now up to Superman to do the rest by letting go of his past.

The Confessional

I know very little of Swamp Thing, and I feel this issue gave a tremendous glance into who the character is. Not afraid to use brute force, but also filled with wisdom, Swamp Thing is the watcher of the earth. The actual beautiful and physical Earth. Now that is a character I could get behind. The art is beautifully done as the blues and reds of Superman flash against the dark greens that is Swamp Thing. I also liked that Superman got a reality check. Him and his family have decided to stop in and pretend to be the dead Superman and Lois. So far they haven’t met to much consequences with this choice. Until now at least. In the end we see Clark Kent tell his son to let the grass grow a little. This shows that he has a new appreciation for nature. To be able to still show character development with someone as old and iconic as Superman says wonders about the writer. 

High Holy: ★★★★★★★★✩✩

Ariel DuPey | Nerd Church Radio 

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