Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Superwoman #4 SPOILER REVIEW

Superwoman #4 

Writer: Phil Jimenez
Artists: Emanuela Lupacchino, Ray McCarthy, Hi-Fi

Lana Lang is in her home roots out on the farm trying to find a piece of mind. She worries she might be going a little crazy. To add insult to injury she finds Lois Lane in her living room. Lana is pretty pissed that Lois has the audacity to show up there, what does she want, more help to cover up the fact that she’s not this dimensions real Lois Lane. That those two just hopped in and took Clark and Lois’s place hoping no one would notice. Lana tries shoving Lois away only to find her fist go right through the image. Crap is this a bizarro? No, no it’s not, then what else Lana wonders, a ghost? Their conversation is interrupted by Natasha who asks who Lana was talking to? She goes out to eat with Natasha and Lana's boyfriend John Henry Irons, with the knowledge that she was talking to a ghost and she might actually be going crazy in the back of her mind.

The attacks on Metropolis is showing on the TV, everyone is questioning Luthor's motives as Superman since he didn’t save the ship full of people, Superwoman did. John believes that it’s possible that Luthor is behind everything, that he created Bizarro maybe he brought it back to life to kill Lois. Oddly Lana is defending him telling John that being Superman means everything to Luthor, he’d never sabotage it, to kill Lois. Lana tries to figure out what’s going on, as criminals scream on the TV that Luthor needed to be held accountable for what he did to them in the prison. Confirming Lana’s belief that there’s more to the story of Luthor, ghost Lois appears and agrees with Lana. With ghost Lois closely following, Lana puts on her Superwoman costume and questions the guards about what the prisoners have said about Lex Luthor.

We finally see Luthor who is trapped beneath the city in what appears to be a glass containment. He screams for help because his legs are useless and no one can see him. A floating head appears and tells Luthor that he is in a fourth dimensional time trap. Seems everyone is dealing with crazy stuff this issue.
In Suicide Slum John is scanning Lana’s body trying to understand what is going on, why her powers are slowly killing her. Lana’s breakdown is interrupted by Steel Woman, who burst in the room begging for help, the city of Metropolis is going to die! Turns out Lena Luthor has been hiding away waiting for her turn to take down the city. She used her brother as a distraction. And now that she is Ultrawoman what can stop her? Only one person might have the chance…Superwoman. Yeah let’s ignore the fact that there is a whole justice league out there, that’s cool, its just all on Superwoman’s shoulders…comics.

The Confessional 

Does Lana remind anyone else of Jessica Cruz? Both are on the verge of a mental break down and both hold a great power. People have died and come back so often in comics that someone’s death doesn’t really have a huge impact on me. Throughout this issue Lana is talking to what appears to the ghost of Lois Lane. There’s a part of me that believes she just might come back. Rebirth has been outstanding and has turned me on to so many characters besides the classics. With that said the one issue I have is understanding the continuity of where in time each comic takes place. *SPOILER FOR ACTION COMICS SUPERMAN*In that issue also coming out this week, Luthor is about to be assassinated by trans dimensional beings. But here he is trapped in some glass case. So where in the world is Lex Luthor? Overall I enjoyed it, the art stayed true to the Supers format of pretty clean lines and colorful inking. The story was well written and leaves the reader wondering what’s next.


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