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The Flash #11 - SPOILER Review

The Flash #11

Writer: Joshua Williamson 

Artists: Davide Gianfelice and Ivan Plascencia

Well it wouldn’t be a proper Flash comic without a little speedster dialogue in the opening panels and that is exactly what we get. Only in this issue it’s not Barry Allen but Wally West AKA Kid Flash. Leading right from last issue which kicked off The Speed of Darkness story line, while running through the Shadowlands, Wally talks about his life before being Kid Flash and how when he was picked on by bullies, his first instinct would be to fight back. His mom would always tell him to run away, but he never listened to her advice. He sees the irony in the fact that he now has super-speed. Throughout these first few panels, starting with complete darkness except Wally coming into the Shadowland, more and more light is shown as Wally runs faster and faster away from the Shadows. The final panel before we move on shows a crazy amount of light and shadow monsters trying to take down Wally who is towering over them.

While this is going on with Wally, Barry Allen is thinking about how he was too harsh with Wally about skipping school because if he were the Flash when he was that age, he’d be doing the exact same thing. Knowing that Wally won’t want to talk to him, he visits Iris who wanted him to talk to Wally. When first entering her house, Barry notices notes about a Flash movie that Iris is working on which is kind of funny since superhero movies are the big thing right now. She tells him to mind his business and he asks what the genre of the movie will be; “Action? Adventure? Romance?”. Irris replies with “Horror”, which throws Barry a little off guard. She assures him that he must have seen enough in the crime lab to agree with her. Barry kind of shrugs this off and asks if Wally is upstairs, which it turns out he isn’t. But Iris knows exactly where he will be and Barry knows what she’s thinking, with the Flash.

Iris goes outside and just starts calling out to the Flash, which I thought was a little bit odd, but the Flash comes running and pretends he doesn't know what’s going on, asking her if there is anything he can help her with. She asks him about Kid Flash, to which he replies that after the incident with Papercut (see issue 10), he told Kid Flash that he couldn’t use his powers until Barry trusted him again. Iris doesn’t like this answer. She starts getting in his face saying he has no right to punish Kid Flash. Only she can do that and his heart must be broken.

Then out of the Flash's shadow grows The Shade. The Shade can tell Iris is an old acquaintance that he hasn’t seen in a long time. He also notices that something is wrong with him. The Shade then tells them about Kid Flash being in The Shadows and she just bolts it right into The Shade who turns out to be the gateway into the Shadows (not sure how she knew that but that’s ok) and of course Barry runs in after her. But when he gets there she is nowhere to be seen and right away he is chased by Shadows. Run Barry, RUN! Right into Kid Flash of course! Who proceeds to let him know that they can’t be outraced but they hate the lightning they’re generating. This is when Wally kind of passes out for a split second because according to him he’s been running away from the Shadows for days, even though it’s only been a few hours. They then talk about how Wally got there in the first place and when he tells Barry it was to prove himself, Barry tells him that because of this, Iris is lost somewhere here as well. Wally doesn’t like that news so he wants to find her right away but before they can even start they meet The Shade, who looks a lot better than he did earlier.

He then tells them the story of how he met someone named Hope and they fell in love, but there was always a little thought in the back of his head, “When am i going to ruin it?” He then kept having self-doubts and thinking why she was with him. Should of had more confidence in himself because this caused his Shadows to start coming back into his life, they can sense the self-doubt. More and more they came until he lost control of them and they end up taking Hope away from him so that he could unleash them. Trying with all his might was not enough and hope was taken away.

We find out as well that the Shadows are building a giant Tower of Darkness that is a gateway into the real world that will allow them to be completely free. If the gateway is open then the Shadows will take over the real world. Being superheroes of course the Flash and Kid Flash are ready to find Hope and Iris but are stopped by The Shade who informs them that they have misunderstood him, he already found both Hope and Iris. The only problem is, the shadows have infected them and they are now the Shadow Queens!

The Confessional:

I really enjoyed this issue, it wasn’t crazy intense or anything but it did give us a good amount of information about what is going on in this story arc and I like that when it’s done well. And it's done very well here. We learn about what has happened to The Shade, why the Shadows are here, what their end game is, and where Iris and Hope ended up. It will be interesting to see how The Flash, Kid Flash and The Shade figure out how to save Hope and Iris without having to fight them. I’m already looking forward to issue 12! The art was really well done, especially since there were so many dark to insanely bright panels and the shading fit that really well. The Shade's (the character) flashback panels almost looked hazy like a dream which i thought was great. That aspect really made it look like flashbacks.


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