Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Hellblazer #4

Writer: Simon Oliver
Artists: Moritat, Carrie Strachan, Tony Qvina

John Constantine is tied up and yet still giving attitude, oh John. The gang leader is going on a very English rant about do- gooders and all the nonsense with the protest and trying to make change. John is trying to get a rise out of this man because he knows that Chas’s gangster problem may be the key to fighting the Djinn. Continuing on with the huffing and puffing the gang leader tells John that the only reason he’s still alive is because he wants to know how to use magic to pick horses. John sends him out to find some magical items so that he can use it to pick horses.

On a planet filled with Rot, Swamp Thing is making his way through without being caught. The rot surrounds him; sensing the presence of a foreign body amongst them.  They start attacking Swamp Thing, and his future isn’t looking too good. Swamp Thing draws the power and strength from the rot, even though it will poison him he doesn’t have a choice. He lets out a terrific roar but suddenly he is blasted by a bright light and he looks as though he’s been half disintegrated.

John puts on a show for the gangsters and starts pouring out nonsensical “magical” words. The leader is fed up and threatens to kill Chas. But before he can, Djinn break in and murder all the gangsters giving John and Chas a quick moment to escape. Back in Rot world, Mercury is telling the still alive Swamp Thing to rest. As the two are talking they look up to see John standing there. John tells Mercury that they need to put aside their differences and work together.

The Confessional

I think John is a very hard character to get down. There’s a formula to put together to create a somewhat of an anti-hero with an attitude problem, but still manage to make him likeable. This issue alone did a good interpretation of that formula. There were moments where his smart ass comments made me laugh. But underneath the sarcasm you know he has an important purpose to drive him.  I love the magical side of this story and the monsters who are brought to life on the pages. The art was fun and traditional. Some of the features left more to be desired but overall I think the art did fine in helping communicate the story. I’m definitely interested in what is happening and will probably pick up the next issue. What can I say I’m a sucker for the supernatural.


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