Wednesday, November 9, 2016


The Lost Boys #2 

Writer: Tim Seeley
Artist: Scott Godlewski 

Be still my heart, the characters of my childhood are back and hopefully better… or at least just as good, The Lost Boys! People are Strange enters my head as we past a post with “have you seen me” fliers stapled to it. In an office Ms. Emerson is being warned to not jump to any supernatural conclusions when she sees her dead father’s body. But as we know, Emerson and the Santa Carla Hunters Union are all dead because of vampires. Now it's up to the Frog Brothers to track down this new threat. Remembering the girl from the comic store from earlier Sam recalls that she had the same claw looking marks on her back as did his grandfather the day he died. The girl was interested in the comic about a lost city underground, full of Vampires. The frog brothers know of a buried hotel at Hudson’s Bluff and begin their journey there. Elsewhere Michael is trying to comfort his grieving mother. A distressed Storm then storms past them and runs out the door. She tells Michael to let her go because he was never a part of the plan. Obviously confused Michael begs her to stay, refusing she tells him that if she does then they’ll die including Laddie. Hidden among the trees is an ominous looking man watching them have this conversation.

The Frog Brothers find their way to the bluffs at sunset. The very bluffs where they killed their very first vampire. Discovering that there have been renovations to this hellish place, the boys find their way crawling deeper down through some new hand made tunnels. There they find the new squad of vampires sound asleep. One of them being David himself. They get ready to shoot but then are attacked by children vampires that were under the water! Loosing his friend, Edgar crawls to safety, to give one last goodbye message to Sam. He apologizes that he wasn’t a better vampire hunter, he’s interrupted by David who tells him “you hunted us just fine…you just couldn’t seal the deal,” seemingly the last of Edgar Frog and the last of the vampire hunters. But wait there is hope a rejected applicant had tried joining the Santa Carla Hunters Union but failed. Now it’s up to Michael and Sam to find him for he may be their last hope. And just to put the cherry on this beautiful reminiscent cake We see the lone hunter for the first time, non other than the oiled up saxophone player Niko Petropoulos. Bravo vertigo just bravo.

The Confessional 

First big shout out to Tim Seeley and Scott Godlewski! I grew up on The Lost Boys and being able to continue the story with the characters I fell in love with is just such an awesome thing to experience. The art was interesting because the characters were still recognizable, but not carbon copies of how they used to look. It was very stylized which is great to be able to take you back in time. I felt like I was nine years old again sitting extra close to the TV so that my mom wouldn’t know I was up late again watching one of my favorite movies. With that said this series so far has been a big homage to the beloved movie and starts off with the same plot. But as we soon find out some of the well known characters are killed off, opening for new and interesting story line. I mean come on the saxophone player is a vampire hunter now! It’s just so great. Now Michael had become a vampire himself if I recall and so far no indication that he is in the comic so I’d be interested to know if they are keeping that angle or as like DC likes to do, redconed it. I maybe seeing through rose-colored glasses and sipping on my tea of nostaligia but I have to give this a 10/10, and I cannot wait to continue this story line.


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