Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The New Talent Showcase

Writers and Artistis: Products of DC Witers Workshops
Price: $7.99

Emerging Talent 

The New Talent Showcase is just as it sounds. DC set up a Talent Development department, and these are the writers and artists that have come from it. ‘This year’s showcase represents the work of writers from DC Writers Workshop Pilot Program, a 13-week program for professionals from an array of writing backgrounds who were brand new to DC comics.’ Inside are nine amazingly and artistically done stories of heroes and villains we know and love. From John Constantine to an altercation between Catwoman and Wonder Woman, and finishing off with Harley Quinn we are graced with new ideas about old characters.  
What a great opportunity DC has created for these writers and artists. A chance to prove themselves, which I would easily say they all did, and give the world new content. I loved reading these stories knowing that these were all new writers. The writers of DC are some of my absolute favorites, but they are also super recognizable. I can smell a Geoff Johns or Scott Snyder story from miles away. Here it was almost like looking at these characters with a new pair of eyes. New perspectives formed that I hadn’t thought of before. With that said the foundation of who these individuals are stayed the same and their recognizable and sometimes quirky traits stayed true.

What to Expect 

Seeing Kyle Rayner in action not only was a delightful visual spectacle, but also gave us a hint of what to expect in the upcoming Green Lanterns run. In the sense that DC readers excitedly found out that Kyle is in fact back. In another story we get a treat in watching the interactions between Wonder Woman and Catwoman. Usually it’s the Cat with the Bat; so it was fun to see this new dynamic. Another stand out was the Superman story where we get to see a different side of Lois thanks to the Joker!
Each comic has a very unique looking sense of style. From soft lines to hard line, bright to dull colors It was great seeing each artists’ interpretation of the characters. The layout and flow of the pages were seamless and easily to follow. Each story brought a new and exciting aspect that felt new. Overall I would easily follow any of these talents creators as they further their careers in DC! You must pick this book up!

Holy: ★★★★★★✩✩

Ariel DuPey | Nerd Church Radio 

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