Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Sheriff of Babylon #12 SPOILER REVIEW

The Sheriff of Babylon #12

Hard times call for hard measures

We open up with Chris having a conversation with Jim from ops. Chris is telling a tale of how his father got along with the natives back in his time because his grandfather ave them chocolate. In a very menacing way Chris looks at Jim and remarks, “So you want some candy?” very hesitant and obviously confused, Jim refuses. Pulling out a gun under the table Chris explains why he wants Jim to come with him. Chris believes Jim is the man who caused all he’s been through, that he is the one that started Chris, Nassir, and Sofia down a road of death.

We see Sofia in a council room discussing agendas for the day. One of which is information about four contractors who were burned alive and dragged from the car. The Americans are claiming its C.I.A operation, but the council wants more information that would lead to the retrieval of the bodies. This conversation is interrupted by Sofia getting a phone call from Chris. Her mind drifts off into a distant memory. She remembers how her grandfather had told her stories of Christianity. One story was about a man who decided to convert and his journey to conversion would start in Rome. Rome was full of sin, sin so horrendous it was like the city of Babylon. The friend of this man was sure that after the man had visited that atrocious place he’d recant his conversion. To the friends surprise the man faith had instead grown after his visit. The man said that if there were still believers in a city such as that then what they believed in must be true. Sofia smiled at her grandfather’s memory.

Tied up in a room surrounded by Nassir, Sophia, and Chris, Jim is being questioned. Jim pleads with them, saying he’s just a computer guy that the only reason he was with those guys was because they used him because his age gave the appearance of authority. Nassir calmly tells Jim that he believes him, that he didn’t think it was Jim’s fault. Unfortunately, Jim was the one that was in their presence and someone needed to pay. Nassir whispers his departed wife’s name, Fatime, and puts a bullet through Jim’s head.

Final scene is two soldiers looking at an abandoned dead body. The soldiers stare at the body wandering what got the man murdered. What caused someone to put a bullet through his head? Cut to black: Twelve months after the fall of Baghdad.

 Lines into lands; talented artists set scenery 

 The art was rugged which fit very well into the story. A distressed group of people in a desperate situation, it shouldn’t be a clean and precise art style. I really enjoy when different cultures and the surrounding involving that culture are drawn. It brings me into a world I don’t recognize, and really takes me a step further into the story.

A must read

 Well I want back issues now! As someone who surrounds themselves in superheroness daily, I really love a different type of story that can captivate me just as much.  I was enthralled in this book and have to say it probably was my favorite one of the week. I appreciate that this story is inspired by the writer’s actual experience serving over seas. It brings depth and a realness to the already dramatic plot. This piece of salvation is a must read.


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