Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Vigilante Southland #2 SPOILER REVIEW

Vigilante Southland #2

Writer: Cary Phillips
Artists: Elena Casagrande, Giulia Brusco

Donny is in the hospital from the explosion in the last issue. Mike tells him that he’s lucky because the bomb went off prematurely or else it would’ve killed Donny. It was meant to look like an accident, kind of like how Donny’s girlfriend died. We find out Mike was someone called The Eastsider, a man who tried liberating his community from the Mexican mafia. That is until someone shot him and paralyzed him. Now Donny, Mike and a lady are in Mike’s secret layer under St. Agatha’s.  Donny asks the woman how Dorrie got mixed up in all this mess. Turns out Dorrie had learned about Mike’s past and was inspired. She broke into the Alumni office finding a Slush Fund controlled by a group of Del Pueblo University Alumni. After she found all this out Dorrie gave herself a mission to expose the truth. Donnie holds the costume that got Dorrie killed and declares that he is going to take over where she left off and get revenge her death. How very noble. Using a contact, Donny is able to locate Gardner Fallon, apparently he’s a kinky lad. Donny tracks him down but Gardner gets away when the masked mistress attacks Donny with her whips and chains…is it Rhianna? No? Oh well. Finally, Donny is able to get away. He heads back to the church to get sewed up. Mike tells him that Donny maybe athletic, but he needs training, and Mike is just the person to do, even wheel chaired bound he can still kick ass.

Skip ahead a little and Donny as the vigilante confronts Vance Childers about Dorrie’s death. Childers who not only recognizes Donny but also informs him that he is also looking into her death. Just as Childers is about to reveal what he’s found out about this corporation and their true intent, he is shot through the head. The police yell at Donny to freeze.

The Confessional

This was definitely an improvement and a lot easier to read. The flow still had its problems, but overall the transitions were a little smoother. I like the art, the dark colors give off a west coast vibe, and the characters are pretty well defined. I got a kick out of the girl decked out in latex and whips with a head honcho in a diaper bowing at her feet. I don’t really know why she attacked Donny since she’s pretty much just as escort. So some of the plot could use a little ironing out to let the reader have a better understanding of motives. Again the foundation of a really good story is there and it’s enough to keep me reading.


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