Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Action Superman #969 SPOILER REVIEW

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artists: Patrick Zircher, Arif Prianto

The God Slayer's Duty 

Superman is using his super vision to search the city for Lex Luthor who has been taken by L’Call the God slayer. Fake Clark tells Lois that if they were right, that Lex would become a galactic mass murderer that Superman should let him go. Superman sees some recognizable energy signature and flies off. Okay don’t be vague or anything. In a distant galaxy on a planet named Nidesesi, the residents are wondering why Lex is there on their planet and not dead. Even pinned up against a wall Lex doesn’t let up on his cockiness. L’Call neutralizes Lex Luthor’s suit to make him powerless. Lex yells at them that they have the wrong man. L’Call replies that his visions never lie so he knows Lex’s murderous future.

Weeks earlier we see L’Call tell Ch’arr that he is done, that he could no longer continue this line of work. From what I can tell she seems like an ancient sorceress of great importance. He tells her he is tired of killing especially since he kills before the crime has actually been committed. She mentions that because of what he’s done thousands of lives have been saved. Even hearing this he still wishes to retire. She plays yet another card and ask if L’Call wished there were someone like him who could’ve prevented the destruction of their world. Again L’Call says he is done, and finally walks away. Ch’arr then sends Zade after him. Zade will convince L’Call to complete one more mission. L’Call has left to mediate. There he sees his lost wife and daughter and transcends to them. He is furious when this process is interrupted by Zade. L’Call refuses his beckoning saying his last kill was the end. Even though he knew the man would become the death of many planets, the anguish on the man’s wife’s and children’s faces were too much for L’Call to bare. Zade acknowledges that L’Call feels fine in quitting because Darkseid is dead. But Zade informs him that there is one who will be just as bad. This is what finally convinces L’Call to complete one more mission; to kill Lex Luthor.

Back to today Lex is informed that he is not dead yet because they are going to extract more information from him. Then he will die. But Lex knows that Superman will come for him. Aw so sweet. He’s not wrong; back on earth Supes is on the search. He enters the Geneticron building in the middle of the jungle. He does this because he recognizes L’Call’s energy from that building. His investigative skills prove useful as he finds the portal to get to Luthor. As much as he wouldn’t mind Lex meeting his end, he knows it just wouldn’t be right.

The Confessional

This was so great on developing a character. In a short issue you really get to feel who the God Slayer is. It definitely showed a side to L’Call that has a lot more depth. You understand why he does what he does and how important it is that these killings be done. It was a little sad how much he wanted to stop but wasn’t really allowed to. Man if the vision comes true Supes is going to feel super guilty about saving Lex. This isn’t typical good guy vs bad guy since L’Call is a hero in a way. I’m very excited to see this story unfold and to see Lex’s future and if these troubling prophecy comes true. The art was really nicely laid out. The smooth transitions from usual comic colors and lines to the sullener dark tones when we get L’Call’s story. Action comics is probably one of my front runners for book of the week every time it comes out.

High Blessing: ★★★★★★★★✩✩

Ariel DuPey | Nerd Church Radio 

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