Wednesday, December 28, 2016

All Star Batman #5 SPOILER REVIEW

Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: John Romita Jr.
Price: $4.99

Where we left off…

The last issue left us on a little cliff hanger as Batman, Batwing and Two-Face were met by an angry mob and now have to figure out how to escape. Luckily Batman saw a giant Gambling Chip on the second deck that is made of fiberglass so he, Batwing and Two-Face start making their way towards it. But not before blowing the mooring to allow the boat to drift away from the angry mob… towards a waterfall. Penguin sends K.G Beast after Batman. At this point K.G Beast is unhappy with Batman for taking away his kills and has stated that they are now inside something special. Basically saying that no matter what, he’s going to kill Batman. But for now, Batman is floating towards the waterfall with Batwing and Two-Face on the giant Gambling Chip I mentioned earlier.

Over the falls we go…

I quite enjoy Two-Face during these scenes. Always pointing out the negative in a situation when Batman is trying to figure out a plan. Right now Batman thinks that if him and Batwing open their wings to slow the fall, then all group hug (as Two-Face puts it) right at the last second and allow Batman to seal them in his cape like an old time barrel, they will survive. And they do! The art in these panels is really well done. I love the watercolor look to everything in this series and the color scheme as well. Kind of a toxic look to it almost. Still not a fan of Batwing’s helmet though.

Home at last…

After stealing a van from Tweedle Dee and Dum, Batman, Batwing and Two-Face reach their final destination, where it is believed a cure is waiting for Two-Face. Batman figures out that Harvey would have to hide it somewhere from Two-Face and knows it’s located two up from their old room and two over. I personally think Two-Face would have figured that out quite easily. Which brings us to the cure! Except it’s not really a cure at all. It just burns away the weaker elements so whoever takes it becomes fully good, or fully evil. Still kind of sounds like a cure to me, it just comes with a side effect of maybe, possibly turning you evil. I’ve heard of worse side effects!

Harvey tells Batman that he has been the one behind everything like the acid rain. Harvey claims it was a test and that he didn’t mean to harm anyone. He also just wants to be done with fighting against Two-Face and if Batman doesn’t give him the “cure” then he will make it rain once again. Only this time it will be with the “cure” and everyone will turn either good or evil.

Batman is always one step ahead…

Commissioner Gordon and the GCPD are about to enter the Batcave via the old Grandfather clock. We find out that the location was found out because Alfred used funds meant for the construction of the cave on trying to take down The Joker. And somehow this aloud Two-Face into their financial data allowing him to see the designs of the clock leading to the cave. A little confusing to be honest in the sense that I’m not sure if it makes perfect sense… but it’s a comic. Luckily for Batman he always thinks ahead, so the police find a dumb man cave in place of the real cave and Batman ends up giving Two-Face what he wants so that he will kill the clouds over Gotham. Once he does, we find out it wasn’t really the cure. Batman gave him something that would make him remain both Harvey and Two-Face. The issue ends with K.G Beast stabbing Batman and then Batman taking him with him off a cliff. But luckily Batwing was there to catch Batman before he fell. They’re both met by the mob from earlier who seem to be calm and collected and just let Batman and Batwing pass.

The Confessional

I have really been enjoying Scott Snyder’s All-Star Batman series and even though I was expecting some crazy big twist at the end, I really enjoyed this issue. Plus we did get a little twist when we found out Harvey was behind everything and no Two-Face, I was just expecting a bit more. I liked how this story was in a road trip kind of format, something new from a Batman story. And the art has been fantastic. A lot of people have said they haven’t really liked it but I love the watercolor aspect, the slight grittiness to the style and the color scheme. It makes me think that that’s how Two-Face must see the world. Everything has a toxic tinge to it.

Rating: Holy ★★★★★★★★☆☆

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