Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Batman Detective Comics #946 SPOILER REVIEW

Writer: James Tynion
Artists: Eddy Barrows & Eber Ferreira
Price: $2.99

Batfamily vs. Victims Syndicate

This issue starts off three months ago at the Old Wayne Tower where Batman and Red Robin are discussing putting together a team. Red Robin is very excited about the idea of saying how much of a difference they can make in Gotham with more people to help. Batman then tells Red Robin that he knows there will be times when he fails and forgets what he’s fighting for, but Red Robin tells him he will always be there when those moments come. Great introduction, art is pretty good and it shows us the type of relationship Batman had with Red Robin.

Fast forward to now and we are at the Thompkins Free Clinic where Batman, Clayface and Batwing are getting ready to take down the Victims Syndicate. The art here is great especially when Batman is breaking through the window into the clinic where he finds the first victim. Batman decides not to fight back because he doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt, he just wants to know who the first victim is so he can try and help him. This doesn’t bode well with the first victim of course who continues to talk crazy claiming they’re every victim but Batman doesn’t accept this crazy talk of course.

Meanwhile Spoiler is having a conversation with a fake Red Robin who is some sort of android that is able to take form because of the molecular-bonding agent that Clayface is made of. She is having doubts about why she is fighting with Batman because of the simple question she was asked by the first victim…. Why does she fight with Batman? Spoiler goes on about the world, she used to dream about not being anywhere close to the world she sees, and the fake Red Robin asks her “What world do you want?” Which seems to get her thinking. I won’t lie, the fake Red Robin creeped me out a little bit.

While this is happening the other team members are taking care of the other Victims. Clayface is taking on Mudface. Which is a sad part of the issue since Clayface was the one responsible for what happened to Mudface and he is obviously very sorry for it. He ends up getting her to put a contraption on that electrocutes her, which he is also sorry for. We also see the other members going strong and taking down the other Victims who we actually learn a little more about. The art in these panels are decent, not much to the background but the characters look really good.

The issue ends with the team all meeting up where Batman is still listening to the first victims crazy talk, and just when they’re about to call in the cops, a crazy frequency starts driving them crazy. Who is doing this? Non other than Spoiler, who doesn’t think this is how the world is supposed to be!

The Confessional:

The story in this issue was pretty good, the information we got on the Victims Syndicate was a little meh though. Hopefully the first victim’s story is more exciting and a little more in depth. I did really enjoy Mudface’s story though, very sad that it had to do with Clayface. He seems to have more depth than any character in the series which is surprising in a good way. I’m interested to see what happens with Spoiler in the next issue. The art on the characters in this issue was fine but I was not a fan of the lack of detail in the backgrounds.

Blessing:  ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆

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