Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Batman Detective Comics #947

Writer: James Tynion IV
Artists: Alvaro Martinez, Raul Fernandez and Brad Anderson
Price: $2.99

Taking down the team…

We get right into it in this issue where we left off last time, Spoiler has turned against her teammates and spends the first few pages taking them all down. She knocks out Batwing with his own concussion bombs, electrocutes Batwoman with her own taser-rang and even found something in Batman’s computer to take down Clayface. The saddest part is when Orphan is confused and asks why, only to get what i’m guessing in knock-out gas sprayed into her face. Spoiler claims she doesn’t want to do this but has to in order to save them all.

A different point of view…

Then it’s Batman’s turn. Only Spoiler knows she can’t take him down and knows that he won’t take her down. Not after everything that has been going on and the death of Red Robin. Here is where she get’s cut of by the First Victim who says they will take care of Batman for her. Spoiler just slaps the First Victim aside telling them that she’s not on their side either. Spoiler believes that everything that Batman and his family does just hurts people in the end. Batman is sorry for everything that he’s done but doesn’t believe he should stop, so Spoiler proposes a deal. Give up the cape and cowl, or she opens the network of the Batcave up to the public. Batwoman gets the device that would allow Spoiler to do so out of her hands, leaving Spoiler to run off. But not before letting Batman know that from now on she will be standing in his way.

Three days later…

This brings us to Arkham Asylum where Clayface is visiting Glory a.k.a Mudface, letting her know
once again that he is sorry for everything he has done to her. I love the way Clayface has been made more human in this series and this scene proves it even more. He proceeds to tell Glory that if she wants, he’ll visit her every week. Next we see Batman and Batwoman watching and discussing the First Victim. Who apparently doesn’t have fingerprints or records of any kind. I really hope we find out who they really are in the near future. Batman proceeds to tell Batwoman that he wants to go over some plans to better the team with her. She agrees of course because we need a team for the series and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes now.

Very far away...

The issue ends ‘Very far away…’ where we see none other than Tim Drake a.k.a Red Robin surrounded by what appears to be his suit all taken apart and placed on the floor around him. Then he is randomly suited up and running. He is also trying to send out a message saying that he is alive and captured. But by who?! He then sees a blue man and blue lightning and a blue circle and I won’t lie… I don’t know what it really is. I’m hoping it has something to do with Mr. Manhattan. The last panel shows us that someone is also watching Red Robin. Not sure who either, someone in a cloak holding a scythe. Hmm…

The Confessional

I really enjoyed this issue and how Spoiler has become a victim herself in a way. And has a new point of view towards Batman and heroes in general. But I do wish we got more story on the First Victim. I would assume that will come later on, but even a little bit of a teaser would have been nice. I’m very interested to see what the hell is going on with Red Robin. I knew he wasn’t dead but captured? Blue lightning man? Explain please! The art of course was incredible. The one thing I’ve enjoyed throughout this entire series is the art. The shading, the detail, the colors, all of it. Love it.

Rating: Salvation ★★★★★★★★★☆

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