Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Written by: Gail Simone
Artists: Sanya Anwar, Quinton Winter, Todd Klein

A young girl’s romance turns her life into an upside down nightmare. A prelude, we are given the story of a young woman named Mary. Her epic and fiery love affair turns to tragedy after her husband loses the fight with depression. Haunted and with no where else to turn Mary tries to find solace in well, anything. For better or for worse she finds herself in Astrid Mueller’s presence. Our beloved firecracker, Chloe gives a swift warning to Mary as she storms off the property. But for the first time Mary feels loved and apart of something at least for the meantime, because we all know the deep dark secrets of the Clean Room. Mary soon finds out the truth about her believed exceptionality and falls into despair. Always to the rescue, mostly to her own agenda, Astrid takes interest in Mary. Giving Mary a chance to say goodbye to her lost love, Astrid distorts the truth to comfort the girl. Will there be unnamed consequences, and what’s Astrid true goal of helping a ‘friend’ in need?

The art was a little different on this issue which adds to the factor that this story is outside the over arcing plot. Clean Room does well in orienting the clean cut not so detailed people, but with the very detailed gruesome monsters and evils that creep into this book. I only started this book a couple issues ago, but Astrid seems like the Amanda Waller of the Vertigo titles. One of the interesting things about the cast system within Astrid’s corporation each person is given a title and a color of suit that goes along with this title. And the way they spoke of their positions sounded as though they were in the military. It’s just a cool twist in this highly sci-fi volume.

The Confessional

I absolutely love this book. It’s probably in my top five runs. Chloe is the character that seems to be the only one that has common sense, and is easily relatable to. While on the opposite spectrum Astrid
is like the evil emperor who has feminine touch. Really great contrast of personalities and watching their stories intertwine is impressive. Now getting this back story of Mary, you get the feeling that she’s going to be important in upcoming issues. Her sweetness makes her instantly likeable. With such a troubled pass you know she will relate to Chloe and you as a reader can’t help but root for her. Seriously love this book, if you’re not reading, you are missing out!

High Holy: ★★★★★★★★✩✩

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