Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Cyborg #6

Writer: John Semper
Artists: Will Conrad, Ivan Nunes
Price: $2.99

Introducing Cyborg Lady

Cyborg watches in empathy as the woman before him goes through the process of becoming a cyborg. The girl’s first move awake is to jump through the viewing window and try to choke out one of the scientist. Cyborg easily grabs her and throws her back away and stuns her with a blast. He sees the monster that she’s becoming and he wonders if that ugliness is also inside of him. After calming down a bit Scarlett (cyborg lady) wakes up in a room to find Cyborg watching her. Now that she’s more, well, human, the scientist begin to tell her what has happened. Scarlett was caught in an explosion in Iraq and in order to save her life she was turned into a cyborg. Obviously Scarlett doesn’t take this news well, I mean who would. Weird thing is Scarlett has no memory of being in the Middle East. This memory loss is resolved to be from trauma, unlike Cyborg’s memory loss which was his own father’s doing. Scarlett’s memory loss is pretty serious because she holds information that is of vital importance to the nation’s security. Back in the TV filled dungeon the real Silas Stone is being teased by fake Silas about how smoothly his plan of evilness is coming along. Silas asks his first creation turned twisted demented robot why he’s being tortured like this. The robot’s response? “I’m just here to keep you prisoner until he decides to end your life.” That’s comforting.

Back in the recovery room Cyborg takes Scarlett’s mind to the Cyberverse. It’s the way that their minds can perceive the digital, virtual world around them. Not only is Cyborg helping Scarlet assimilate to her new mind surroundings, he starts training her new robotic body. As she gets a handle on all her powers she decides to name herself Variant. Finally, Cyborg shows her one more trick, to use your energy to appear as a normal human. Which Scarlett is able to do almost instantly. Then Scarlett decides to ask Cyborg how to conjure up a Boom Tube. Cyborg quickly puts the topic to rest saying it was way too dangerous for her to try that. Something in her face tells me she’s not going to take no for an answer. Later that night Cyborg takes Scarlett out on the town. She returns the gratitude by having weird robot sex with him. After a night together of connecting power cords, Scarlett wakes up from a nightmare. Some good came out of this nightmare since she now remembers were to go to find what the CIA is looking for. So they suit up and head out. They boom tube their way to Saor City, Iraq. There they find an abandoned market that is actually a front for some kind of army base. Before the Cyborg duo can say “sneak in” they are surrounded. The front runner of this base is Terrence Fisher and he has Cyborg entrapped. And who has Terrence been working with this whole time? Scarlett aka Variant!!! Terrance gloats in his cleverness and then orders Scarlett to kill Cyborg. DUN DUN DUNNN.

The Confessional

I really, really enjoyed this issue from front to back. First of all, I honestly didn’t see Scarlett being a bad guy. So I was pleasantly surprised that I could be caught off guard. Especially since superhero plot lines can be pretty predictable. If you remember, Sarah Charles is Cyborg’s girlfriend, but he can’t remember that right now. So I enjoyed when she stepped to Scarlett in a friendly yet suspicious, better watch out kind of way. This issue has a concrete inciting incidence that will lead to some exciting events to unfold. There has been some questionable art in Cyborg, but I really feel that this issue is slowly starting to redeem that. With stronger, thicker lines, and deeper colors it played well to the intensity of the storyline. A character that I never really paid attention to is now someone I look forward to each month so good job Semper.

Holy: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✩ ✩ ✩

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