Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Writer: John Semper Jr.
Artists: Paul Pelletier and Tony Kordos
Price: $2.99

Poor Cyborg…

This sort of thing seems to happen to the best of Superheroes. They find someone they connect with (no pun intended) and put their trust into that person only to have it backfire on them. Which brings us to Cyborg. He put his trust into Agent Scarlett Taylor AKA Variant, who is a cybernetic spy who can’t be trusted. Variant is working with a man named Terrence Fisher. The two of them were field agents together and got sick of the world they were seeing, so decided to come up with a plan. Basically using Cyborg’s Boom Tube technology to transport an army all over the world in order to hold it hostage and to simply put it.... World domination. Classic.

There’s a reason why they call it Cyborg technology…

All seems according to plan, the armies are ready, the Boom Tubes are open and… the men are being transported to the Atlantic Ocean! Seems as though Cyborg isn’t as dumb as Variant thought. She was getting a little greedy about experimenting with Boom Tubes even though Cyborg told her not to try it yet. Luckily Cyborg’s father was able to create a secret failsafe to upload into Variant just in case. Good call. Cyborg took over as soon as Variant opened a connection and shut her down. This is when we find out just how much of a big bad Fisher really is (he’s not) as he has a failsafe as well… a stasis net. Doesn’t work for long though. As soon as Cyborg and Variant team up and combine their powers, boom goes the net and Variant takes down Fishers copter with her arm cannon. It seems as though she isn’t as much of a villain as she thought she was. But this doesn’t matter, as the government was going to turn her off completely, which Cyborg has a big problem with. I like these parts the most where he stands up for himself and in this case Variant. I’m hoping for more of this sooner rather than later since it deals more with the overall theme of Cyborg figuring out if he is in fact at all human.

Hey Dad, something’s wrong with your face…

Variant wasn’t the only one getting greedy though. The fake Silas Stone brings her to the red room where he pulls a classic bad guy and starts to tell his plan to the real Silas Stone. Who is still trapped with the crazy Terminator dude who looks really creepy. One panel that shows a close up of his face reminds me of an old school Terminator comic and I love it. But back to the greediness. Fake Silas Stone starts absorbing Variants half alien programing, Cyborg walks in and finally finds out it’s not his father! FINALLY! Sorry, I’ve been waiting for this more than anything. Poor Cyborg once again though, his fake father installed a hidden code inside him to render Cyborg...dead?

The Confessional

I think this issue really pushed forward the theme of the series which has been Cyborg coming to terms with whether or not he’s really part human. I think this situation with Variant, seeing her situation with Fisher, as well as Cyborgs father being a fake, is going to give Cyborg trust issues and I like how that all fits into his human side. This issue also raised more questions which I’m looking forward to seeing answered in future issues. The only downfall I have in the art which was hit and miss with me. Panels that showed people up close were well done, but when there was people in the background the detail was lazy. Too clean for my liking.

Rating: Holy ★★★★★★★★☆☆

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