Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Deadman (Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love) #2

Writer: Sarah Vaughn
Artist: Ian Medina
Price: $5.99

The Haunted Mansion

Deadman wanders the hallway contemplating the after life. He unites with Adelia who is an 1800’s looking ghost woman. Neither quite understand where they are. Adelia comes to the realization she’s dead, but it doesn’t feel right to her. To get some answers, Deadman peeks into her lost memories. One being an image of her being stabbed which led to her ultimate end. She starts freaking out trying to grasp why she can’t remember anything or why she feels so wrong right now. She tries to take comfort in Deadman’s similar situation. He was shot while doing a trapeze act, instead of dying, some higher powers decided to make him Deadman. A being; living neither here or there and who can posses any living being by a Hindu God named Rama Kushna. Back to the story Deadman and Adelia happen upon Bernice. She’s been trying to find out where Deadman has been the last couple days. Now that Deadman and Adelia are back on her plane, Bernice can continue the search into Adelia’s life. As Bernice’s boyfriend Nathan enters the room Deadman and Adelia are struck by a beam of light that send them into a screaming fit. Bernice eagerly pushes Nathan to go back to his writing in the other room. Once he is gone she ask the two if they are okay. Neither knows what just happened, but fear that it is a sign that the Darkness is coming back. Bernice leaves Deadman and Adelia inside the house while she heads to town to try to dig further into Adelia’s past. Deadman wonders how this whole situation has happened. He’s usually the one to help the living and now the tables are turned. Not only does he need help from the living he’s trapped inside that house along side Adelia.

At the library Bernice learns more about Miss Adelia Ruskin. Adealia and her husband were going to spend their wedding night in the mansion when she disappeared. With no body found and no signs of foul play, investigators were at a loss. By all accounts, she simply vanished. When she disappeared her husband Edward had only finished the west wing of the house, but the pain of his missing wife kept him away so the house passed from owner to owner. Now that very mansion is where Bernice and Nathan live. Still Bernice cannot figure out why Adelia’s soul is trapped there, and why after all this time it is only now showing itself. The only thing she can figure is that Adelia needs closure for her murder. While in town Bernice decides to reconnect with an estranged friend, Sam. After they talk it out and come to good terms she goes in for a hug. It is then she has visions of her kissing Sam. She pulls away quickly baffled at what she just saw. She decides that Sam can actually help her with the mystery of Adelia. Back at home she finds Nathan waiting for her. He’s finished his book and they can move back to the city. He tops this all off by proposing! Then that burst of energy that hit them before reenters the room. A voice calls to Bernice…”Who do you think you are? Say yes and Die! You don’t know how love can kill? Leave now before it’s too late!” Those are very specific ghost threats. The darkness takes an even stronger hold of the room and sends the room into chaos. Nathan is knocked out and Bernice remains in some sort of trance. Adelia starts to lose control; the shadow is taking over. Eventually turning Adalia into the evil darkness itself. She grabs a hold of Nathan and yells “Your fate is death!’

The Confessional

This was definitely different than your every day read. I for one love anything to do with ghost or the supernatural in general. That being said this was pretty slow for me. There seemed to be a lot of unnecessary moments that might have been okay in a novelized version of this. For example, there were three pages of Bernice talking about how she loves nature. That’s great and all for character development but didn’t really pertain to the story at all. The art was nice. Heavily shadowed panels helped embrace the ghost house vibe. Deadman himself is very 90’s looking which I enjoyed for the sheer nostalgia of 90’s comics. I couldn’t help but laugh at the threat Bernice received. I guess it’s hard to make ‘forbidden love’ not sound cliché. I would really like to see Deadman in another situation or have the story more focused on him. Overall I’d say this is an okay book.

Blessing: ★ ★ ★ ★ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩

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