Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Ever After #4

Writer: Dave Justus, Matthew Sturges
Artist: Travis Moore, Michael Wiggam
Price: $3.99

Not the Fairy Tale You Know

Over at Alcatraz, Paco is trying to get ahold of the James Bond wannabe Connor. Because Conner killed his brother. As Conner aka player three begins fighting his way through the angry Paco clan a voice over asks, “Player two to Player three. What the hell is going on?” Ignoring this question Conner who has shape shifting abilities, shifts into one of the girls from Paco’s side and knocks her down. Conner is finally knocked out as the other players watch in a different place. Paco is then instructed to take Conner upstairs and make him give up his employer and to make sure Paco gets the kid to give up the ghost. This news is heard by the players, who all looked very alarmed.

In a more studious setting Bo Peep is trying to talk Feathertop out of killing Jordan Yow, a twelve-year-old. This Jordan girl is so powerful that she can turn a guy into flesh confetti. Bo begs him to consider taking the girl to Totenkinder School to learn how to control her powers. But he refuses saying she’s too risky to keep alive. He remembers how in Nibiru thousands of innocents died; he looks at player one, Bo and tells her this is why she must do her job and take down that kid.

Player two heads out to Alcatraz to try and find Conner. He’s worried since there has been no contact made in awhile. He’s informed that Conner is still alive just unconscious. In Alcatraz, Paco has began the intense interviewing with a now awake Conner. This interview starts with Paco trying to saw one of his finger off. Before Paco can get all the information he needs, Conner turns into a bird and flies out the window. Floating over the ocean he ends up landing safely in player two’s boat. That’s a handy little skill. On the ground level of Alcatraz some people have gathered in a magic circle to call upon the spirits from beyond. They start chanting for the vengeance of any cruel act done against Native Americans. One of the girls betrays the group and wipes away apart of the circle. Sending the spirits into an aggravated rage. The spirits head out towards the surrounding ocean and then into the city. Feathertop looks upon the botched mass summoning, and freaks when he sees that the people down there have opened the door to the afterlife. He does the only thing he can…get the hell out of there.

The Confessional

This one was really hard to understand without reading the back issues. By the end I had a loose concept for what was going on. With just having hints of the story line I feel that this is a book that is worth going back and reading older issues. It’s funny to see these ‘fables’ in a more of csi type situations. The art was really well done and even though I was confused at time, the art made me still appreciate the story being told. There seems to be a lot of factors at play and a lot of different characters to get to know. From what I construed this is a story worth reading.

Blessing: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩

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