Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Green Arrow #13
Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Otto Schmidt

Price: $2.99

Somebody’s in trouble…

The issue starts off on the beach with Oliver talking to Dinah about how much he loves Seattle. Everything works like intersections and not divisions. They have a little romantic moment then realize there are sirens in the distance. Time to throw away their hoodies and find out what’s going on. Maybe not such a great idea since it looks like someone is trying to frame Green Arrow. Which isn’t really hard you just shoot people with… green arrows. Ollie and Dinah try to assist the police but of course the police want to bring Green Arrow in for questioning. So like any vigilante would do, they run for it and catch a train… with an arrow.

The new bad guy…

Next we see a conversation between Chief Westberg and Sergeant Notting, who if you don’t remember is the police office that was a dickhead and got caught on film beating up a civilian. Because of that incident, Notting is being suspended from the force. I enjoyed this scene. It plays out kind of like a movie. The panels go from their conversation to what Notting does because of this situation later on. Which is start his own task force called The Vice Squad. They do what cops won’t... Kill. And his first victim is the man he was caught beating up on video and the club of people he is with too. Not a big fan of the name Vice Squad but they could be fun in future issues for Green Arrow to go up against.

Somebody’s in BIG trouble…

Oliver and his team are discussing who is trying to frame him and decide to find out who the next victim will be. This is Henry’s time to shine! He creates an algorithm and figures out it’s going to a football player named Cy Samson. Who at that point in time is giving a speech for a man named Nathan Domini. Domini is running for mayor. He claims the city needs to Militarize their boys in blue. I smell Vice Squad. Domini is interrupted with a gift from Queen Industries that turns out to be a room full of women, alcohol and drugs. The issue ends with Green Arrow hiding in rafters watching over Cy at Queen Industries Field. Someone shoots an arrow in his vicinity making him lose his balance and fall onto the football field below. Where Cy has been murdered. By a green arrow.

The Confessional

I’m very love hate with this story at this point in time. I do enjoy it and everything, it just feels too familiar. It’s been done. But maybe that’s why enjoy it? See that’s what I mean! I do like Otto Schmidt’s art though. I think it fits the tone of the Green Arrow series, especially Green Arrow at this point in time. Green Arrow isn’t as gritty and dark as it once was, it’s got more of a lighter tone with all the relationships that are going on etc etc. And the art shows that. I also like that the detail is in the shading and colour tone itself. The odd panel could use more background detail but now i’m just being picky.

Rating: Blessing ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆

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