Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Green Lanterns #13 SPOILER REVIEW

Writer: Sam Humphries
Artists: Ronan Cliquet, Blond

Emotional Outburst

Imagine having to fight a projection of your worse fear? No, not spiders or snakes, but the version of yourself that we all have deep inside. The monster within. Well this is exactly what Simon and Jessica have to face in part three of the phantom lantern. So how did the famous Green Lanterns come to be? Sam Humphries gives us a bird’s eye view in to ten billion years ago to the construction of the green rings. Not out of ingenuity or goodness were these rings of heroes made, but instead in desperation and dire need of help to right a mistake. Lucky for us The Green Lanterns became so much more. I have to say these blue guardians cause a lot of trouble for themselves, and pretty much anyone around them… no wonder Volthom is so frenziedly wanting revenge. Jessica and Simon aren’t the only ones having a hard time. Frank, the guy who decided to wear the phantom ring is loosing control. With a beautiful spectrum of vibrant colors, we are able to see the fight of emotions laid out on the page. With great courage comes great respon… oh wrong book. But courage is what Simon and Jessica have to muster up in order to stop the phantom rings and help the man lost in its powers.

To have colors create such a strong response to the emotion they represent should show you the raw talent of the creative teams that work on Green Lantern runs. Imaginative constructs bring action from your wildest imaginations on the page. Not only do the beautiful array of colors stand out but the depth in which we are sunk into these characters’ lives. Traits and quarks are so strong you can feel a attachment to these characters more so then most books.

The Confessional

I have more invested in Simone and Jessica then I have had in any other lantern. Mostly because they are so damn relatable. Jessica with overcoming her anxiety tells a tale that a lot of people can relate to. Her strength outmatches any previous lantern because she has to overcome so much more. Simon’s origin was complicated and rung with overcoming great odds. I don’t know any lanterns who are more deserving of the rings then they are. Frank was a great antagonist to add to the story, especially since he’s being manipulated by Volthoom. It just ties in the old and new into a beautiful awesome knot.

High Holy: ★★★★★★★★✩✩

Ariel DuPey | Nerd Church Radio 

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