Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Justice League #10 SPOILER REVIEW

Justice League #10

Writer: Bryan Hitch
Artists: Neil Edwards, Daniel Henriques, Adriano Lucas
Price: $2.99

The League Faces a New Challenge 

To James Palmer’s surprise he finds the entire Justice League at his door asking for him. That wouldn’t be overwhelming or anything. They’re there because there have been two acts of Cyber-Terrorism against the League that could have led to citywide destruction. James’s first reaction to this news is to say “wasn’t me,” that doesn’t sound guilty or anything. Doesn’t help that James’s kids are all like “yeah dad, you’ve been super suspicious lately,” wow way to stay loyal Palmer family. The League gives James’s a chance to explain himself. But first James has something to air out. He tells the League that he doesn’t blame them for what happened to his wife Diane. Apparently, she was one of the unfortunate souls that got swept up in the Kindred and hasn’t been seen since the League took the Kindred down. So much for that whole only one causality nonsense. The greatest Leaguer, Aquaman ask James if that’s why James tried taking revenge on them. Again, James tells them he wasn’t involved with those Cyber attacks. He does admit he was planning an attack on Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne. Well not really an attack, James was going to steal their money and give it to the victims of the Kindred. All of this stuff by the way, he hasn’t even done yet. Wonder Woman with her all knowing expertise confirms that James is telling the truth. The reason the League suspected James in the first place is they found traces of a code that James had used back in his hacker days. The League starts asking him if it could have been stolen. Turns out James’s daughter Lily was the culprit. The young girl stole the code to make an app that was a mix of siri, google, and a best friend. The evil app is on her iPad, which her little brother just so happens to be playing with at that very moment. The app called Genie is actually A.I that operates in the real world so when you play a game on it, it translates it to reality. James’s son was playing a game where all the League’s enemies team up and kill the League members. In the real world Genie was actually locating the League’s enemies and offering them Lex’s and Wayne’s fortune to kill the Justice League. Just as they try to shut Genie down the house is blown down and the Leaguers are knocked of their feet. Giganta and Double Down are there to take down the gang. As good guys do, the Justice League’s first course of action is to get away from a populated area. Before they can do this Gizmo, Heatstroke, Jinx, Mammoth and many more have come to join the fight. Wow looks like the B team are the only ones that got the memo. The Justice League is desperately try to advert the fight somewhere else with no luck. That’s when a big baddie shows up, Amazo.

The Confessional

It was a little curious that the entire Justice League went to a guys house just to question him. A team that accuses together, stays together? I was such a huge fan of 52 Justice League so it’s upsetting that this series is having such a hard time lifting off. I do think it’s getting a little better and I have to believe eventually it’ll find a flow and ease back in to the awesomeness I know it’s capable of. I honestly feel that the problems is in the fact that we keep getting these spectacular antagonist that it over takes the story. What I mean is there’s a lot of whoa look at that huge crazy, seemingly unbeatable bad guy…oh wait what happened, where’s the story? Again in this issue the League is up against enormous odds, a lot of bedazzle and glam. When instead the story should focus on ironing out a captivating and smooth plot line. I hope Justice League finds a rhythmic flow that works better.

Low blessing: ★ ★ ★ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩

Ariel DuPey | Nerd Church Radio 

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