Saturday, December 17, 2016

Reborn #3 - Review

Story: Mark Millar
Art: Greg Capullo
Price: $3.99


The journey is real …

Bonnie is still wandering around trying to find her deceased husband and it’s a fantastic journey every step of the way! On a weekend where I’ve just seen Star Wars: Rogue One two times, I am being exposed to yet another epically constructed fantasy world called Adystria. This world is a fantastic place to explore, and here’s why: Unlike the Star Wars universe, I have just barely been exposed to Adystria and I know very little about it. That sense of mystery is something that is far too absent in a world of social media and spoiler alerts.

Adystria is a place that will eventually tower over nerd’s heads, along with the worlds built by George Lucas, George R. R. Martin, and Robert Kirkman. I do not yet know if this is a finite story or something that is intended to be ongoing. So I hope that Reborn continues to be ongoing long enough for us to explore every last bit of Adystria.

Spend some time with dear old (dead) dad …

What if you could speak with your deceased parent years after they passed away? What would they ask you? What would you ask them? Would you be honest with them? Mark Millar creates dynamic character relationships in Reborn through his original story concept. Our main protagonist, Bonnie, died and was reborn into Adystria as the chosen one that will eventually save the world from The Dark Lands. Bonnie is desperately trying to hunt down her deceased husband with the help of her father. On their journey, Bonnie’s father asks her if her mother ever took another husband after he passed away. Bonnie says no, but we don’t really know if she’s lying or not yet. Interactions like this are what keeps the story fresh and entertaining.

Kittie Wants Revenge!

Another key part of this story is Bonnie’s pet cat that was reborn as a kittie assassin. He is on the hunt for Bonnie because she had him castrated at the tender age of only 9 months. This is another comedic character building tool that Millar uses to create a fun and entertaining story. In this issue, Bonnie is captured by the people from The Dark Lands, when suddenly her ‘chosen one’ abilities start kicking in and kicking in hard. Bonnie beats the holy hell out of her captors and escapes with her father. The issue ends with us being exposed to yet another interesting facet of this amazing world.

The Visuals

Greg Capullo is an artistic beast. He proved himself to me with the work he did on Batman in The New 52. That art was enough to make me go pick up the back issues of Spawn that he worked on. Capullo has a way of drawing pages that are both detailed and clean. His pageonation is amazing and he uses simple layouts with bright colors.  The expressions on people’s faces give a real characterization for people in this story that I am slowly becoming very attached to. A+ work on the artwork, Mr. Capullo. A PLUS.

The Confessional

If you couldn’t tell, I love this comic book. Reborn is in my top 3 books being written right now. Do yourself a favor though: If you’re going to pick up this story, grab the first two issues to get a real sense of what’s going on. It’s not something you can just drop in and out of. And you wouldn’t want to deprive yourself of any of it, even if you could. It’s a fantastic ride and I’m excited to read the book every time that it comes out.

Rating: Salvation | ★★★★★★★★★★

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